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Esther Baxter Covers KING

Esther returns to the front of KING magazine for their Sept/Oct edition. Issue hits newsstands July 17th, but in the excerpt below, she admits to not knowing Joe Budden prior to dating him. Unfortunately, there’s been more focus on your recent public split with rapper Joe Budden. He does have a track record when it comes to being associated with video models. Did you know this going into your relationship? With me, I had no idea who he was, what […]

Jay-Z Catches Up With Jay Electronica

Over 66 trillion years ago… aaah nevermind. Glass Ton Berry. Oh shit, a Jay Electronica sighting! Over the weekend, Elect shared a photo from his tumblr of he and Jay-Z while Hov was in town for Glastonbury. Over the last several months, Elect has been recording his album across the pond. When you gon drop that verse nigga? You takin’ long!

The Alchemist Jokes With TMZ

Are people this gullible? Last week, TMZ caught up with Alchemist and actor Scott Caan. For those born during the Clinton Administration, the duo used to rap as the group The Whooliganz. Forever the jokester, Al told the paparazzi that he and Scott were reuniting and had plans of working with Vanilli. That’s right, of Milli Vanilli. Ha! “I’m working on a joint with Vanilli … Vanilli making a comeback. And according to the Alchemist, Vanilli — is bringing his […]