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Breakfast Club Interviews Consequence

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/449330/1672789&tbid=273034&p=5296&height=350&width=540] Consequence broke bread with Power 105’s morning crew to speak on writing for Kanye, Pusha vs Weezy, advising Big Sean, and the state of Hip-Hop. After the break, his frequent collaborator Pooch Hall spoke on their track, his BET The Game series and busted a few more of his own raps.

Rap Radar Interviews DJ Kay Slay Pt. 3

Kay Slay’s more than just a DJ. Five years ago, he got into publishing and created the men’s magazine, Straight Stuntin. He’s also set to release his graffiti book, The Master Of Dezasters. But despite his brand extension, music is still the cornerstone. And later this year, he plans drop his fourth and final album, Rhyme Or Die. In our last segment, Slay discusses being the Black Hugh Hefner and the state of hip-hop. Rap Radar Interviews Kay Slay Pt.1 | Rap Radar […]