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ESGN: Freddie Gibbs “Hawaii Edition”

After noticing Freddie Gibbs’ insightful and often humorous observations on sports through his Twitter account, Rap Radar decided to give him a forum to express his thoughts on the thrills of victory and the agonies of defeat. It’s Gangsta Gibbs Wide World Of Sports. The black Bill Simmons is here. And for his 11th column, Gibbs reports live from the 50th State and weighs in on last night’s NBA Championship game.

YN Playlist: Best Of Birdman

Art: Ty Kidd Bron Bron’s bunch did him the dirty but that’s small change to the Birdman who will continue to shine. Here are my favorite hits from Miss Gladys’ baby boy. He built this thing of ours—YMCMB. But study the solo catalogue.