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RZA On Producing For Watch The Throne

The Abbott produced the track, “New Day” on The Throne’s collaborative album and discussed with Rolling Stone how the union came to fruition. “I’m really honored to be a part of the project. These two are obviously very capable in their own right, so to include me in this classic project is a testament of how much respect we share for one another. Kanye asked me to send tracks while they were in Australia, I just thought I would send some […]

Soulja Boy Got Taxed With That Lien

Although Soulja Boy tried to pull the wool over our eyes, he couldn’t pull a fast one on Uncle Sam. According to RadarOnline, in March, SB was hit with a $26,805 tax lien in California and a $3,571 in Mississippi. He paid for both in full last week. To make matters worse, his $280,000 home in McDonough, Georgia was foreclosed last year.

Stevie Wonder Joins Drake’s Take Care

Although Drake couldn’t nab Sade for his debut, Thank Me Later, he tells MuchMusic that Stevie Wonder will appear on his sophomore set, Take Care. Isn’t that lovely? “Stevie Wonder is a very close friend of mine. I’m honored to call him a friend, someone who embraced me very early in this music business. This is an exclusive right here, because it’s MuchMusic, and we’re Canadian: Stevie Wonder is actually on ‘Take Care.’ He helped me out with a lot […]