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’10 Underrated Albums: #2 Lloyd Banks The Hunger For More 2

Lloyd Banks proved that his eyes weren’t bigger than his stomach with last year’s sleeper, The Hunger For More 2. From the onset, the project curbs hip-hop fans appetites with aggressive production and sharp writing (“Take ‘Em To War,”  “Home Sweet Home”).  Banks continued this approach on tracks like his comeback hit, “Beamer, Benz Or Bentley”, and the star-studded “Start It Up”. Elsewhere, he caters to his female base without losing his edge (“I Don’t Deserve You” and “Any Girl”). […]

’10 Disappointing Albums: #3 Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being

While Lil Wayne sat in the clinker earlier this year, the good folks over at Cash Money Recordings turned Carter IV scraps into Weezy’s eighth studio album, I Am Not A Human Being. Although the project went gold and spawned the hit, “Right Above It” and “I’m Single” the overall effort lacked continuity. Titles like, “With You”, “Popular”, “What’s Wrong With Them”, “Gonorrhea”, and “That Aint Me” just seem out of place with the LP’s biggest hits. Surely, Weezy will […]