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T-Pain Deads Auto-Tune

Welp, it’s been real. After six years of using Auto-Tuning, T-Pain tells AHH that as of today, he’s no longer going to use the technology. “I vow right here, right now, to never use Auto-Tune again. I’m onto something that I think is bigger and better called ‘The T-Pain Effect.’” This calls for a moment of silence. Unleash the flutes on ‘em Guru! {mp3}d.o.a. cdq{/mp3}

Audi Bites Eminem Chrysler Commercial

Since when did Audi’s get imported from Detroit? To promote their new A6 Avant, the German automakers ripped off the treatment from Eminem’s Chrysler Super Bowl Ad. If that wasn’t enough, they also jack “Lose Yourself” in the background. Someone get Paul on the phone! allindstrom

Terrace Martin x Devi Dev The Sex EP 2.0: Cease & Desist

A few days after Terrace Martin and Devi Dev released their SEX ep in March, they received a cease and desist letter on behalf of Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Apparently, those delicious D cups on the cover belong to Ray J’s ex. Since then, the story has been picked up by a shitload of gossip blogs, TMZ and tomorrow The View. Last week, Terrace and Devi took advantage of the publicity and rereleased the project with five new tracks […]