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’10 Best Singles: #8 B.o.B. Ft. Eminem x Hayley Williams “Airplanes Pt.2″

Let’s pretend the original version of this song isn’t great. That the sequel isn’t even greater. That shortie from Paramore’s hook isn’t intoxicating. That Bobby Ray didn’t insightfully take you into his life and his struggles to make it as a rapper. That when Em cleared his throat, your heart didn’t skip a beat. That you didn’t crack a smile, nod and marvel at Marshall recallin’ his Rap Olympics days. That the song’s wordplay didn’t blow you away. Let’s pretend […]

’10 Best Singles: #9 Cee-Lo Green “Fuck You!”

If you found your self driving around town yelling, “Fuck You!” blame Cee-Lo Green. The Lady Killer’s resentful track was irresistible with its catchy sing-a-long chorus and blue-collar verses. Although the edited version, “Forget You” doesn’t have the same palpability as the original, the message is heard loud and clear. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow. Ain’t that some shit? Ha!

B.Dot & Panel On Women In Hip-Hop

A few nights ago, Dee Vazquez rounded up yours truly, Karen Civil, and rappers Nina B and Lady Luck to discuss my favorite subject: Women in hip-hop. (That’s sarcasm for all you folks in the back.) Rah Digga also phoned in with her two cents. Female rappers that look like and rap like Biggie? I’m all for it.

’10 Best Singles: #10 Vado x Cam’Ron “Speakin In Tungs”

Usually, a hit record speaks for itself. But last Spring, Vado and Cam’Ron had rap fans speaking their language with, “Speakin In Tungs”. Powered by a shaman, trance-like sample, V12 kicked up top game while Cam showed his lighter side with a killa DMX impersonation: “I do, what I do becauseeee!…” Hilarious every time. Wanna know what’s poppin? Take a listen.