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Superhead Comes Clean About Book

So it was all lie, eh? To hear Superhead tell it, she fabricated the stories in her debut book, Confessions of A Video Vixen. In another vlog, she says she wants to be respected for her brain. Trust, we already do. On a related note, her ex-boyfriend Kool G Rap tells AHH that he wants to make amends and have a relationship with their son. heads up: nb

Allen Iverson Covers SLAM

Today is Allen Iverson’s 36th birthday. And what better way to celebrate than on SLAM‘s 150th issue. Once again, A.I. is shown with the afro and a vintage Philadelphia 76 Sixers uniform. Below is an excerpt, but the entire feature is available to peruse here. On newsstands now. SLAM: Even if it impacted you negatively, you never conformed. AI: And a lot of that’s a bittersweet feeling. A lot of those things make me feel good, but I think I […]