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Uncle Luke Talks Football Coach Gig

Luke Campbell has put down the thongs and has picked up the whistle. The Bellingham Herald spoke with Coach Luke, who now lends his assistant coaching duties to the linebackers at Liberty City’s Miami Central High. “I’m happy and proud of what we accomplished but that part of my life is over. The entertainer – I left him on stage. I don’t tolerate cursing or the N-word. I tell them, ‘Don’t ever disrespect a girl because that makes you less than a man.’ […]

Lil Wayne’s Thanksgiving Message

And now, a word from Lil Wayne: Hello world. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving filled with all the food and football you could handle. Mine was great for two reasons. I spent it in New Orleans and I spent it around family. Enjoy this holiday season. Cherish these moments with your family. I love you all. P.S. What are you thankful for?