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Game R.E.D. Album Release Date

We’ve been here before—plenty of times actually, but once again Chuck announced via Twitter that his long overdue album has a new official release date. Hey Kobe. “#alliwantis for my fans to know that the R.E.D. album will be in-stores AUGUST 23rd !!! Thanks for the continuous love & support. Just got off a conference call with Jimmy Iovine & @interscope . Aug 23rd is the release date & it’s like a FAT GIRL….. It won’t move !”

Fans Throw Bottles At Odd Future

Detroit ran out of ammo and started throwing bottles at Odd Future during last night’s show in Detroit. A bottle got too close to their DJ Syd Tha Kid causing the performance to end early. Later on, Syd gave an update on her condition via Twitter. Thanks everyone. im not hurt. and we dont hate Detroit. Just the bitch-made niggas who wanted our attention last night. niggas got vaginas out here man… 1. we never called ourselves “punk”, so throwing […]