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Gucci Mane Checks Into Asylum

Not only is Gucci signed to Asylum Records, but he was also committed to one yesterday following his court appearance. According to TMZ, he filed a “Special Plea of Mental Incompetency” and explained that he could not “Intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.” Smart strategy. Gucci is facing jail time on a 2010 probation violation.

’10 Underrated Albums: #4 Fat Joe The Darkside Vol. 1

We made magic at S.O.B.’s and then you all lamed out. Didn’t really appreciate the heatrocks that Joey Crack put out. You fuckin cocksuckers! To be fair, I’ve seen plenty of critics do the right thing and praise the first single with Jeezy “Slow Down”. Ha! But it’s deeper than that rap. How ’bout some hardcore? Cartagena cooks it up with Just Blaze (“I Am Crack”) and hustles with Cam and Pusha (“Kilo”). Plus he and Scoop DeVille flipped a […]

’10 Disappointing Albums: #5 Redman Reggie

If you’re confused like me about the status of Redman’s career, you are not alone. Reggie quietly dropped a few weeks ago and if you missed out, you aint missing nothing. After scrapping the Reggie Noble 9 1/2 concept, this album is an attempt to show EPMD’s protege’s growth and range. No “Sooperman Lover” tunes. No skits. But sadly, there’s very few good musical moments like the last song, “Tiger Style Crane”. The lyrical punchlines are mostly big misses. But […]

’10 Underrated Albums: #5 Curren$y Pilot Talk 2

Curren$y’s been flying high all year round. And in November, he ascended to new heights with the release of Pilot Talk II. If you were one of the few to actually find the actual disc, Hot Spitta lived up to his alias on tracks like “Michael Knight”, “Flight Briefing”. He solidified his gangsta (“A Gee”) and explored new surroundings (“Real Estates”). But even with the diverse subject matter, Curren$y stays true to his stoner core and is golden on “Silence”.  […]