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J.Cole’s Tradin’ Tour Stories

Image: Complex With The Blueprint 3 tour coming to an abrupt close, J.Cole speaks with Honey about his first time on the road. Here’s an exerpt below. The best part of each night is that I get to come back on stage for Hov’s set and do my verse on “Star is Born.” Performing in front of a packed arena with close to 20,000 people is a rush every time. I never wanna get off the stage. Every night I […]

T-Pain, Lil Wayne, & Ne-Yo’s Moms To Launch Talk Show

According to Rap Godfathers, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, and Ne-Yo’s mammies are poised to launch a new talk show called, Dinner Table Discussions. No word as to where the show will be broadcasted, but the program will focus on the current state of affairs. In a statement, Pain’s mom Aliyah Najm said, “Our vision is to be a premier talk show that delivers a creative and informative format that assists viewers in educating and solving challenging issues.” She added, “There are […]