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Hot 97 & Thisis50 Fest: Wale

Yesterday afternoon, 50 Cent and Hot 97 held the first This50 Fest concert on Governors Island in NYC. Kicking things off was Wale with “Chillin”, “Nike Boots”, and “Pretty Girls.” Of course, there’s more footage on the way. Stay put.

Snoop Speaks On Resurrecting Priority Records

The final superstar call-in for Whoo Kid’s born day celebration is Snoop D-O-Double-G. A lot of rippin’ goin’ on on a Saturday. SMH. Part 1: Calvin speaks on preserving the West Coast legacy. He’s not just an artist, he’s a business, man. Part 2: Weed talk. Broadus declares himself “the rap Don King.” And “the bitches love Drake.” Part 3: Get your Wonderland tickets! Devin The Dude included. Plus puttin’ Uncle June Bug on ice. Ha. Part 4: The Doggfather […]

50 Cent Says Eminem Turned Down 15 Mil Movie Offer

After Marshall’s exit, Curtis called in to plug tonight’s show at Governor’s Island. Most interesting is the very beginning where he reveals he brought a lucrative film offer right to Em’s doorstep and he still turned him down. Part 2: When asked about Em collabo, Fif hints the title might be “Psycho.” He also says Dre has 4 songs on BISD. Ne-Yo and R Kelly are only guests. The Pied Piper’s joint is a bonus cut.