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Hip-Hop On Mo’Nique’s Oscar Win

Tonight the 82nd annual Academy Awards are goin’ down and as you can see the highlight of the evening was Mo’Nique taking home the Oscar for best Female Supporting Actress. Hip-Hop took it to Twitter to congratulate Mo’. Mr. Jackson couldn’t believe it neither. Ha! Video Yardie Gif Omen

D’Angelo Arrested For Soliciting A Blowjob

Damn, D. The NY Post reports your favorite R&B-Singer-Who’s-Never-Comin’-Back was bagged last night in the West Village after offering an undercover policewoman $40 for some head. He also had about 12 stacks stashed in his ride. Some will do anything for that brown sugar. Tip: Ben Detrick UPDATE: Now with photos of Mr. Archer leavin’ court courtesy of the YBF.