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Wale “Make Her Say”/”Day ‘N’ Nite”/”Pretty Girls” (VMA Rehearsal)

Ever see one of XXL‘s celebrated freshmen cover the music of a fellow one? Well, here ya go. Tonight, you’ll see Scotty in the flesh, but this is a gem as Wale proves he knows all the words to his homie’s biggest hit. Also in the other clip, proves he can do a mean Gucci Mane impersonation. And you can throw in a DJ AM dedication too boot. You’re welcome!

Unreleased 2Pac Footage Pt. 1 (Vibe)

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now? 2Pac: If God give me breath for 20 more years, I see myself changing the world. Because my thought patterns are so opposite from what’s the norm. So I have to change the world or be changed by the world. Wow. On the 13th anniversary off 2pac’s death, the Lazarus of Hip-Hop media returns with some exclusive footage of the iconic MC. Pour out a lil’ liquor. They’re Baaaack: VIBE […]

Wale “Viva La Vida”/”Change” (VMA Rehearsal)

I bet you never heard Coldplay go-go’d out before. But most importantly, do you think Wale will come up off his flip cam footage for the Double R? Time will tell. In the meantime, just listen to some Merriweather music. And the band played on! That’s right, we go out and document culture. You should do the same, lames.

MTV 2009 VMA’s Winners List?

Welp, someone’s getting fired. Here’s what appears to be the winners list for tomorrow’s VMA’s. According to this, Eminem swept the hip-hop category, while Lady Gaga takes home a moon man for Video of the Year. Congratulations? Props: Marvin Update: Aye! According to MTV Buzzworthy, this list is phony and fake. Got it? Okay!