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New Video: 50 Cent “Flight 187″


“Jay rockin’ that Urkel look, isn’t he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he’s taking like a Yardie”

Uh-oh, turbulance ahead! Put your trays in an upright position and peep Fif’s new visual “Fight 187″ off the 50th Law Of Power mixtape. Where’s Curt’s final destination? No one knows.

Props: RTD via Thisis50

GFK’s Wizdom Of The Week #3


“Shockin’ a bitch, B.”

Meka and the white brother, Shake got the latest and greatest from the mind of Mr. Starks. Here, Tone explains how to make your better half feel good. Let’s see: Pamper her. Soft kisses. Back rubs. Cook. Or take her out to eat somewhere nice. Remember: vacations squash petty domestic beefs. Beach visits preferred. Couple massages. Volleyball. Various hotel activities. Candles in the tub. Lingerie. Pajama sets. Cakes. Luther or Barry CDs. Make love to her to slow jams. Slow fuck. Eat pussy. Don’t suck too hard.

Yup. Got it all. Check! How’d you think I’ve been happily married for four years? I got it covered. Ha!

Props: 2DB

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New Music: Beanie Sigel “All For It”

 100% Bowtie Free!

“I shoulda played Big but it’s all gravy.” (Gravy? Remember him? Ha!)

Roc La Reunion time. With all the hype on BP3, let us not forget rap heads that the Broad Street Bully got a new product out there too. Been meaning to put this up and, thankfully, The Streets reminded me. This thing knocks. I dare you to disagree! I dare ya.

[youtube= all for it]

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