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50 Cent & Alicia Keys’ Favorite TV Sitcoms

[vodpod id=Video.3117860&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Dord%3D977214303966945900%26amp%3Btile%3D2%26amp%3BreportPropChannel%3Dvideo%26amp%3BreportPropSubSection%3D106__park%26amp%3BreportPropContentType%3DTVClip%26amp%3BreportPropPageName%3Dcommercial_break__whats_your_favorite_africanamerican_sitcom__022410%26amp%3BreportPropSeason%3D_commercial_breaks%26amp%3BreportDartZone%3Dvideo%26amp%3BreportDartNValue%3Dcommercialbreakwhatsyourfavoriteafricanamericansitcom022410%26amp%3BreportDartSubValue%3Dvideohub] Before reality shows ruled the world, television sitcoms were a ratings juggernaut. BET asked 50, Alicia Keys, Rakim and Trey Songz their favorite Black comedies. Diff’rent Strokes, Fif? Whatchu talkin’ bout, Curtis!

Ludacris “Pimpin’ All Over The World” (MSG)

Me and my brother Mic (it’s a play off his middle name, fuck boys) hit up that BEP’s tour to mostly see Ludacris. And boy did he disappoint. Nothin’ eventful happened at all. I mean, you’re in the Big Apple. You can’t get anyone to come out for you? No? Just Lil Fate. Man, that’s one loyal muthafucka. Anyway, here’s track 13 off Red Light District. Maybe you’ll get more vid, maybe you won’t. Turn up the bass! Sidebar: Fuck […]

Faith Evans Sued Over Biggie Video Deal

A couple of days ago, Kaushi Entertainment filed a million dollar lawsuit in an L.A, court against the Notorious One’s widow for not delivering the home videos of her husband which agreed to sell for 30,000 dollars. 30 K? Them’s crackhead prices. That probably explains the change of heart. Singersroom via TMZ

50 Cent Sued For Distributing Sex Tape

Curtis got hit with a lawsuit yesterday morning for that sex tape of Ross’ other baby mama. Lastonia Leviston claims the tape, which Fif was narrating as “Pimpin’ Curly” was distributed without her consent on Fif’s website and caused her emotional distress. Ok, you’re right. Ha. MTV