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Yo Gotti: Most Known Unknown

Earlier this evening, I caught up with the pride of Memphis, Ten-A-Key  in the lobby of Power 105.1 studos in NYC. After years of being a Southern mainstay, Gottti’s finally getting a piece of the pie with his hit single, “5 Star Bitch.” Before calling it a night, Gotti spoke briefly on the transition from obscurity to celebrity. More clips in the can, man.

Nas & Kelis: Road To Reconciliation

OK, so all day rumors were spreading that Nas and Kelis were back together ’cause both were seen at New York’s Marquee club celebrating God’s Son born day last night. I was waiting to get some visual proof, so I held off on posting about it. Well, leave it up to the OG Russell Rush to come through with the goods. He caught the two at a charity event today and they look like they’re starting to like each other […]