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Big Boi Wants Videos For Entire Album

In this portion of Antwan’s Walmart Soundcheck, Sir Lucious discusses his collab with Jamie Foxx and mentions he wants to shoot visuals for all tracks on the album. Oh shit. Five down, ten more to go. Let’s go! Full segment airs July 20th. tss Previously: “Shine Blockas” l “For Your Sorrows” l “Shutterbugg” l “General Patton” l “Follow Us”

Tony Yayo On 50 Cent Attack In Brazil

Earlier this week, footage surfaced of a crazed fan making his way on stage to get a hold of Fif during a show in Brazil last Friday. Yayo says talk of the excited fan catchin’ a beat down was an exaggeration. “The show got crazy, man. For security reasons, when somebody jumps onstage … when [performers] got on chains for $20,000, $30,000, $40,000, that’s a security risk right here. Nobody should be onstage except me, Banks and 50. It was just a fan — he […]