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Ludacris’ Swanky D.C. Pad

While visiting his friend’s city for HU’s homecoming, Ludacris shared with the world his weekend digs. That pool table’s no ball breaker. Sidebar: As you can see below from Yardfest yesterday, he also rolls with one of HU alumni’s finest. Jodi, you lost.

Lil Boosie On The Deal

Boosie appeared on The Deal a couple of days ago and said it was Drake’s delivery that earned him a nomination for Best Lyricist at BET’s Hip Hop Awards. He mentions a lot of videos being shot, singles being dropped and a DVD I probably won’t cop as he prepares for his time behind bars. He also speaks on Eminem, 2Pac, and how he doesn’t really keep it lyrical in his music. Oh, really? Props: Yardie

Nipsey Hussle Stomps The Yard

Yesterday afternoon, Neighborhood Nip Hussle performed at Howard University’s Yardfest in Washington D.C. Before hitting the stage, he gives a couple shoutouts and plugs his latest mixtape Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol. 3. Truth and Service, the Hussle way. She’s A Problem: Sophie

New Music: Joell Ortiz “Crime Wave” (Freestyle)

Damn, the Brooklyn free agent grabs the fork and takes a bite out of Curtis’ track. Ortiz basically laced a hot beat with some mo’ hot bars. “Whoever want a part of me/ I pre-apologize, pardon me for puttin’ shells in every artery retardedly/ If you crack then I’m a non-stop pharmacy/ Over-the-counter drugs that give ya ears plugs harmony/ I war in an armory, ain’t nobody harmin’ me/ I guess that’s the James Bond in me/ The young Sean Connery” Voice’s […]