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Slaughterhouse Listening Session


I missed last night’s rap supergroup event (My bad, Haitian Mike) but luckily The Maguire was there and got some footage. Your guide to the following: Snipe talk. Wavy talk. Bandaged thumb. It’s the Real shout-out. Mouse likes “D.O.A.” especially last verse. Louie bag murses. Crooked I chomps on cobb salad. And Royce rambles off the record. Yup, sad I missed all that. Ha!

Spotted: 2DB

Kid Cudi Explains Why His Album Isn’t All Kanye

That ain’t Lord Tariq.

Scotty 2 Hotty (You can’t pause my ‘rasslin’ reference) shares his views on creating his own sound in the latest V60.

VIBE: You could easily relax and let Kanye produce your entire album. Why are you looking elsewhere?

Well, if I had an album that was all produced by Kanye West, it would just sound like Kid Cudi and Kanye West. It wouldn’t be just Kid Cudi and the funniest thing is that artists don’t understand that being a new artist is about developing your own sound and not conforming to what another motherfucker who is established has. I’m not going to conform to the Kanye sound. I’m trying to make a Kid Cudi sound, so the next person that comes, motherfuckers can compare him to me and it inspires him to be like, Nah, this is my sound. He can just make his own shit. It’s a chain reaction. I want to inspire kids to be better than me. 

We don’t believe you, Kanye’s producing too many people. Ha! j/k

Breakthrough: Freeway “1-900-Hustler”

Sometimes, a stand out guest appearance can thrust an artists’ career into the forefront. Take, Freeway’s verse on Jay-Z’s “1-900-Hustler.” Over Bink’s chopped sample, Free’s banshee vocals and brash wordplay anchored the track with lines like “Jon Benet, your daughter missing tonight!” To usher in our new series, Free talks to Rap Radar on why his verse was off the hook.

“I was just getting off house arrest, i just started going to NY with Beans while they was recording The Dynasty and all that. We was in the stu and Jay and Beans was like, ” I got this joint” Jay and Beans was originally gonna be on it. But Beans was like “I think you should kill this joint, Ithink it would be good for you” and Jay was like “Yeah, yeah! That shit’ll be crazy!”. Jay and them had the concept for the record already and the whole “1-900-Hustler thing.” I was just getting off

house arrest for—actually being a hustler, so it just fit perfectly. They setup the part where I was gonna come in at and they put the lil’ violin music before it. I wrote the verse and I came back, laid it, and it was a wrap! I remember the first time I was in a club and uh, Bleek and Beans was in there. We was in Philly performing. And they was like “Yo, just do the verse acapella.” I did that shit and the crowd went wild and its been a wrap since then. I wasn’t really nervous, I was excited about like being on the album and making it happen.  I just felt like I was just doing me, like my style is a lot different than a lot of people. People at the time was like this verse is nice, but i don’t know if people gone want a whole album of his voice. I was still getting mixed feeling about it but it turned out to be the shit!”— As Told To Brian B.Dot” Miller 


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