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50 Cent Says Eminem Turned Down 15 Mil Movie Offer

After Marshall’s exit, Curtis called in to plug tonight’s show at Governor’s Island. Most interesting is the very beginning where he reveals he brought a lucrative film offer right to Em’s doorstep and he still turned him down. Part 2: When asked about Em collabo, Fif hints the title might be “Psycho.” He also says Dre has 4 songs on BISD. Ne-Yo and R Kelly are only guests. The Pied Piper’s joint is a bonus cut.

Eminem Says Just Blaze Has 4 Or 5 Tracks On “Relapse 2″

It’s about that time. Marshall Mathers interview on the station he owns. The Internets are about to get very excited. Part 1: Has a song on new album where he and 50 rhyme back and forth 8 bars each. Just Blaze is handlin’ the bulk of Relapse 2‘s production. Yeah, you read it right. And Em is wearin’ jeans. Quite an accomplishment. Part 2: DJ Hero talk. Relapse leftover is on there. Em doesn’t care about bootlegging. Whoo Kid continues […]

T.I. Explains The Inspiration Behind “Paper Trail”

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3562966&w=425&h=350&fv=] In this interview excerpt from his upcoming Behind The Music special (Oct 8 at 10 EST), Clifford, in greater detail, explains how all the drama in his life lead to one of the stronger albums on his catalogue. Yes, this video is provided by the fine folks at Viacom. I don’t want no problems. Thanks. Spotted: Rap Up

Christina Milian Confirms Pregnancy

It’s been widely speculated but Mrs. Nash confirmed to People that she is indeed four and half months preggers. Wow with child now. Married in Vegas a month ago. I remember it like it was yesterday when back in the RR launch week last March, B Dot got dude to admit who his shorty was for the first time. Yup, another one of our many accomplishments. We’re too great to hate.

Usher Changes His Album Title

With a new single droppin’ Lunes, Usher has decided he’s no longer a “Monster” and his next album is now called Raymond vs. Raymond. Hmm. I gotta feeling, someone might be airing some family business out there. It’s the same old story. Props: Nav