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Meth x Red Want In On Eminem Tour

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Guess a couple of guys are trying to holla at my Jewish partner:

“Hey, Eminem,” Method Man barked into our mic recently, giving a heads-up to Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards main act. “Fuck that. Yo, Paul! We’re on the tour, man!”

“Paul!” Redman chimed in, also addressing Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, directly. “Hey, Paul, we’re on the tour, baby!”

“You know my number,” Redman said to Rosenberg. “Yo, Eminem. Yo, Paul — we on the tour, man.” 

I didn’t even know there was a tour?! *YN adds call PR on his to-do list*


Drake Hearts Little Brother’s Phonte

Drake shows love to a rap underdog in the new V60.

Andre 3000, that’s one of my idols. Kanye and Andre are really my idols and the other rapper…my favorite rapper is Phonte from Little Brother. Those are the guys that I really hope I get a chance to play them the record and have ’em all give me all their blessings.

I think he just doesn’t want ole boy to write a crazy blog about him. Ha!

Sidebar: Young Angel (Bad rap alias name) also hints that the bidding war soon be over.

I’m not signed to Young Money but definitely Young Money is a family to me. I’m definitely YM affiliated, you know? I have the utmost love for everybody over there, the utmost respect. Mack Maine and Jae Millz, those are like brothers to me, you know? Nicki [Minaj]. Nicki is Nicki. I love her. And now that I’m in this position I’m just trying to get everything all the way straight. In about a week or two it’ll all…it’ll be out there. You know the press release will be out there. It’ll be official.

Lyor always gets his man. Pause. Ha!