Latest Posts Addresses iPad Theft

Now that recovered his iPad, he turned to his blog and explained how he got jacked in the first place. Ayo technology! everyone is talking about my car getting broken into… actually…I accidentally left it open…unfortunately someone walked by it and took everything out of it… in my car was my coke bottle cap man bag…and in that bag was my drivers license, black American Express card, Visa card, 10 thousand dollars worth of items, and my ipad… ha […]

Yelawolf On Meeting Eminem

During last week’s ASCAP awards, Yelawolf talked to Rap-Up about his first encounter with Eminem, a possible collaboration, and those pesky comparisons. “He told me himself, for the people comparing you to me, ‘Not only do you not sound anything like me, but you don’t sound anything like I’ve heard before’. So that’s from the mouth of the horse.”