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Is This 50 Cent’s Album Cover?

First, I get in trouble yesterday with false Eminem single claims and now this. Boombox claims Fif personally showed them the album cover to Before I Self Destruct and this is it. Why wouldn’t he just put it up on his site? I quit. Ha! Update: All praises due to Boombox. ThisIs50 confirms with final artwork. They lost. Ha!

R.Kelly: “I Don’t Even Read Really”

Last night at the Midwest Music Festival in Chicago, Robert spoke on his hometown and overcoming adversity. At the 2:10 mark, he reiterates that he’s a tad illiterate and made it through grammar school by the grace of his jump shot. Crazy. During my visit to his house in August, he admitted this as well. It’s ironic that one of R&B’s greatest composers has difficulties reading. Don’t worry Kells, you are not alone. FSD Sidebar: Trey Songz Still Ain’t Feeling […]

Jimmy Iovine On “Beats by Dr. Dre”

At a recent press conference in NYC, Interscope’s head honcho explains how Beats by Dr. Dre came to fruition. “The whole headphones thing came to life on its own. Dre and I were out in Malibu, I know some of you think Dre lives in the hood, but he has a house in Malibu,” said Iovine . “Anyway, we’re on his terrace in Malibu, and he says, ‘My lawyers want me to sell sneakers.’ I look at him and I […]

Ghostface Killah & Friends (Hiro Ballroom)

Last night, Ghost held a MySpace concert I was oblivious to at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC. Pretty Tone ran through classics including personal favorite, “Strawberry”…with Kid Cudi? Other special guests included Redman, Jadakiss, Large Pro, and Raheem DeVaughn. At the 8:15 mark, Starks reveals that he’s never received royalties for his albums due to pricey sample clearances. Instead, he used it as a trade off for producing a dope catalogue. Thanks, Ghost. You are appreciated. Props: Rekstizzy Update: Blows […]