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Jay-Z Digs “Nigger”

No, Cosmo Kramer. But in part of Jigga’s interview with O magazine, he talks about how Dick Gregory’s autobiography made a difference in his life. No need for Jay to tell ya, it’s already a best seller. “I don’t know who turned me on to this autobiography, but his sense of humor and the hardships he went through stayed with me—especially the scene where he started running home from school. It led to his joining the track team, which led […]

New Music: Young Problemz “Ms. Beyonce”

You would think I was on Mr. Manda‘s payroll. Nope! Sorry B.Dot. Here’s another one from my new favorite H-Town crew. This joint is one part fun party jam, one part tribute to Mrs. Carter. Pardon that autotune at the end, SC. These kids today say the darndest things! Previously: Young Problemz Feat. Mike Jones x Gucci Mane “Boi” (Video)

Roxanne Shante’s Malpractice?

Say it ain’t so. Contrary to previous reports, Slate reveals that Roxanne Shante was never contractually signed to Warner Bros. In fact, there’s no proof that the label paid for her college education. She admits to the site that she is not a doctor nor has a license to practice psychology (or any related field) in NY state. Lucy Roxy, you got some esplainin‘ to do.

David Paterson On Jay-Z 9/11 Concert

This was from my meet-n-greet on Monday. Here, Slick Rick‘s right handman, recognizes Hov for his philanthropy and 9/11/01. “Answer The Call” concert goes down September 11th. Bring your earplugs. Bonus: Blueprint 3 Scans | Preview Of Oprah’s Interview With Jay-Z (Think she transcribed it? Ha!)