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Big Pun’s Wife & Kids Live In A Shelter


Apparently Pun’s wife, Eliza Rios, isn’t living the glamour life. In an interview with Ms. Drama, she divulges about living with her kids in a NYC shelter. Excluding the 116K she recived after Pun passed, she says that she hasn’t recieved any additional royalties. She also says that she hasn’t communicated with Fat Joe nor any “regular industry heads.” Man, can someone page Steve Rifkind?

The Making of Diddy’s “Angels”

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.886464&w=425&h=350&fv=] 

I know Crystal’s happy I haven’t made her tape this TV show anymore. This is painful to watch. It’s clear why Auto Tune needed to be inside the engine of the Last Train To Paris. Give Puff props for being bold enough to share his imperfections. Ha! That came out funny.

Spotted: Broken Cool

Sidebar: Remember when this leaked briefly? I still got my copy. Can’t believe Curtis co-signed this crap.