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Is Shyne Free Yet?

Now I believe it. A Clinton Correctional Facility staffer confirmed his release. I think The God deserves time to lay low. Remember that ODB VH1 show? Life is deeper than rap. CBS Update: Uh oh. Not so fast.

Mariah Has Features In Her Future

The final sales numbers of Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel are being tallied as I type but from the early projections, it’s not looking good. Still even if Mariah Carey falls short of having a number one album in the country there are still plans to push her latest product. In fact, Rap Up has found out a top-secret remix album is already in the works. So far only Trey Songz (who would show up to a Rap Radar kickball […]

Ne-Yo Flaunts His Pen Game

At a fancy schmancy charity event that he threw last night, Ne-Yo took it to the stage. Here’s a medley of him performing three huge hits he wrote for B, Ri-Ri, and Mario. I imagine those are some nice checks, son. Spotted: Fly Girl via All That’s Fab Sidebar: Regarding Chris Brown’s ex’s next album, he says, “She has some things to say and she’s definitely going to say them—loudly.” MyFox

Def Jam 25: Shyne “Godfather Buried Alive”

Word on the street…and the tweets, is that Moses is finally parting from the bing today after serving eight years. While sitting in Clinton Correctional, he severed ties with Bad Boy and signed his Gangland imprint to Def Jam. Two months later, he released his sophomore album, Godfather Buried Alive. But therein lied a problem. How do you promote an album when the artist is incarcerated? Well, the crafty folks at Def Jam found a way. Not only did he […]