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Lupe Fiasco Interview With Greg Street

Earlier this evening, Wasalu phoned into Greg Street’s radio show on V-103 in Atlanta discussed how he maintained his relevancy without producing an album in three years. He says plans to announce a release date for Lasers within a few weeks and reveals that he’s recorded four tracks with the Neptunes, but only two made the cut. Props: Rhymestyle Earlier: Lupe Fiasco turns In Lasers Today

Aziz Ansari’s Favorite Rap Tunes

Kanye’s lil buddy got his celebrity playlist on for iTunes and, of course, he had to throw some hip-hop in the mix. Still some of his choices will probably surprise you. Don’t tell Mr. West he didn’t make the list. What you can’t see? He said, East Flatbush Project. Ha! Let’s go! The Diehlster

Mary J. Blige & Will.I.Am Honor My Dougie

Earlier today in Los Angeles, the biggest boss the music biz has seen thus far, Universal Music CEO Doug Morris got his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Who you knew you could become a star by making stars. *Kanye shrug* Congrats, sir! Rap Up Previously: My Dougie: A Tribute To Mr. Morris