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Jazzy Jeff Speaks On Fresh Prince Reunion Plans

“The problem is he’s probably the biggest movie star on the planet.” During a sit-down for DJ Hero, Mr. Townes details the difficulties of gettin’ Mr. Smith back in the stu. Not gonna happen anytime soon, but I could see it goin’ down one day. Still, you gotta applaud the boys from Philly for staying friends for all these years. Plus you know “Summertime” still knocks, kids.

New Music: Wale “OG” (Radio Rip)

Here’s some mo’ unreleased goodness from Chocolate City’s finest. Attention Deficit Executive Producer Mark Ronson liberated this one himself on his radio show. The joint was produced by Sean C and LV with Travis Barker on drums. Definitely like the energy on this one. OMG, YN needs a CDQ of “OG” ASAP. LOL. Props: Metal Lungies

Joe Budden Presents His New Girl

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3866762&w=425&h=350&fv=] Can you say, Life After Tahiry? While on the road, Mouse showed his legion of nerd computer geeks the new young lady that they’ll soon be jerkin’ off to. Her name is Somaya Reece. Does Joe’s new personal happiness mean the death of Mood Muzik? SMH. I’m too old for this shit. © Danny Glover WSHH

Mo’ Behind The Scenes: Juelz Santana x Chris Brown “Back To The Crib”

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3864090&w=425&h=350&fv=] “It just so happens that this video calls for pretty bitches.” No Chris Brown here. Instead, another look at Juelz filming the first single of his often-delayed project. In this clip, Da Capo pops up and lets it be known that Dip Set were very selective about the young ladies allowed to participate in the final product. It’s The LIFE Update: But you-know-who made it. Big shocker!

Drake Spits A Verse Off “Thank Me Later”

“I’m here feeling like 50 back in ’02/ And everybody saying I’m the man/ So true.” Last night J. Prince’s son Jas a.k.a. Young CEO celebrated his birthday at Club Hush in Houston. With Bun B in tow, Drake emerged on stage and ran through some of his tunes. In the short highlight above, Drizzy blesses the audience with a verse off Thank Me Later. Spotted: NR via ATF thru Mazy Note: Trouble viewing clip in Firefox. Try Safari.

Soul By The Pound

Shawn wasn’t the only Carter enjoyin’ some roundball action Friday night. Dwayne was in the building in the Sunshine State and took time to dap my neighbor. ESPN says Flo Rida was also there, seated next to Dwayne Wade’s moms who turned 55. Heat 96, Nuggets 88. Props: LWHQ via 305

Puffy Presents Biggie & Craig Mack (1994)

“We all need each other to live and breathe. And that’s the way we treat each other.” Classic Yo! MTV Raps footage of Sean C. ushering in the Bad Boy era to Fab 5 Freddy. Whatchu know about the Big Mack campaign? Damn, y’all will never be YN. I blog about it and I lived it. Ha! Props: Up North Trips