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Alchemist vs. Just Blaze (Full Red Bull Battle Footage)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3863227&w=425&h=350&] Stop stressing Mr. Smith. This competition that went down last Tuesday in the ATL was all done in the fun. The only winners are us hip-hop fans. Shut your traps, chumps and savor the moment. TMD

Behind The Scenes: Juelz Santana x Chris Brown “Back To The Crib”

“I’m so fly, I’m ’bout to start my own airline.” Damn I forgot this video went down yesterday. Maybe ‘cuz Juelz didn’t come through with any good flicks as promised. Guess someone was busy supporting Breezy in his time of need. Not like that. A! Anyways, Chris looks pretty sequestered as the Unit and DJ Envy are among the cameos. Unlike RR They Were Invited: Hip Hop Stan

Shyne’s New Home

Today Moses moved into his deluxe Renaissance Towers Penthouse on the north side of Belize’s sky. This weekend, Po is planning a big 30th birthday celebration and a famous radio host is already on her way to visit him. Mar better come through with the flicks! Props: Belizean Update: She’s already started. Ha!

New Music: Joell Ortiz “On Tour” (Freestyle)

“On the park bench in Italy feeding a bird/ Sippin’ tea with sour diesel ’cause they legal with herb/ In Amsterdam, aw man, wish my mans could come/ Asian bitches in Japan is dumb/ They love New Yorkers, especially the Spanish ones.” This guy won’t stop. Here’s another freestyle from our favorite free agent. Taking Wale’s “World Tour”, Ortiz reflects on his recent travels of the past few months. Yaowa! Props: Mr. X

Eminem “3 AM” (Voodoo Festival)

Here’s another one from Marshall Mathers’ Halloween Havoc show. Seriously, when is my Jewish partner gonna come up off his HD quality shit? There’s no I in team? Oh, but there’s an I in Win. And I’m YN. Ha! Sidebar: Oh and Em got EMA’s too!