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Joe Budden Speaks On Life After Tahiry

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3473766&w=425&h=350&fv=] “I still love her from far away.” Now that Joe Budden no longer saves the live streams from his blog TV channel, we must rely on WSHH rips to keep up with his foolery. In this clip, he talks about being single again and tryin’ to figure out how his newfound bachelor lifestyle fits in with his need for video documentation. (No, not like that. Ha!) Just peep game, you Slaughterhouse stans.

Jay-Z On Germany TV

I’ve never seen this guy do this much promo. Must be workin’ though. 300K in a second week? MTV hand over that Hottest MC crown. Anyways, I usually cringe when rappers do these strange international shows. I’m gonna close my eyes, you tell me how it goes. I suppose I can watch… later. Props: Jay-Z World

Keri Hilson Lost Her Virginity To Usher

Kinda! Shock headline alert. It was Mr. Raymond’s music. Specifically, this tune playin’ in the backdrop when Miss Keri’s panties dropped and she made love for the very first time. No word on whether hickeys were exchanged. For those stumbling with their math, it was eight years ago. Born in ’82, she was 19. You know, I’m starting to buy her goody two-shoes act. How dumb am I? SMH. Props: Q Deezy