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Unreleased 2Pac Footage Pt. 3 (Vibe)

From the Vibe vaults, Afeni’s son credits Bad Boy for instilling his Thug Life philosophy after getting shot at Quad Studios. Pac then segues into sales figures between his All Eyez On Me and B.I.G.’s Ready To Die. See, 50 wasn’t the only one checking SoundScan. Previously: Unreleased 2Pac Footage Pt. 2 (Vibe)| Unreleased 2Pac Footage Pt. 1 (Vibe)

New Music: T-Pain “Take Your Shirt Off”

This is the official first single off T-Pain’s new album, RevolveR (The last capital R ain’t a mistake). The shit should be really called “Take Your Muthafuckin’ Shirt Off.” And I can dig it. It’s funky and crunky like Lil Jon in his prime. The “Is autotune really dead?” line ain’t even necessary as the song uses just a touch of the effect in the song’s bridge. Yup, it’s strong on its own two. Looks like Faheem’s gonna survive the […]