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New Music: Omarion Feat. Gucci Mane “I Get It In”

Radric is startin’ to develop quite the reputation as an R&B savior. You take the wackest song, he makes it better. Well he couldn’t save this one. Omarion is the wack juice poster child. This dummy (no Mechanical) went from Young Money to StarWorld? And you wanna call your album, Ollusion? This just might be your final post on my Radar. Holla at Lil Mama. Props: Mr. X

Ja Rule & Ashanti “Down 4 U” x “Always On Time”

Thanks to the magic of TV, here’s what you won’t see on October 13th. Above is the first take of The Murderers’ set. Unfortunately, their audio goes kaput and Ja flubs his lyrics on “Always On Time.” Realizing the debacle on their hands, they would have to later reprise the performance. Only if life was that easy. Previously: Ja Rule & Ashanti Reunion

Jay-Z On The Oprah Winfrey Show

After weeks of anticipation, Hov finally appeared on Oprah’s daily gig. Much of the interview piggybacked off the feature found in O magazine. Nonetheless, cameras followed the pair from Hov’s old stomping grounds to his Midtown office. Check it out after the jump.

Mariah Carey Dedicates New Album To MJ

Angie Mar on the right. Alright! Team MC’s main connect Roger Friedman, reports that Mrs. Cannon gives it all up to the Gloved One on the new CD droppin’ next Tuesday. Also let’s not forget the fancy magazine packaging deal in the liner notes. “Angel” is a little different than most releases. This is the first time I can remember a major magazine — Elle, in this case — sponsoring the liner notes. “Angel” comes with a mini magazine tucked […]