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Swizz Beatz Renames Album Title

Apparently, Swizz has had a change of heart and decided to change his album title from The Perception Of Greatness to Haute Living. In April, Swizzy appeared in the magazine bearing the same name. The project will be released through his new deal with Everest Entertainment and Atlantic/Warner Records. Sidebar: The Ultimate & Complete Swizz Beatz Mixtape

Lil Boosie Set To Release New Album

Although Lil Boosie’s facing murder and drug charges, that isn’t stopping Trill Entertainment from releasing his next album aptly titled, Incarcerated. DJ Drama caught an early listen and had this to say: “Lil Boosie is one of the most important Southern and street artists of this generation, period,” Mr. Thanksgiving applauded. “Boosie always gives you the ghetto in a real and authentic way. The music on Incarcerated lives up to that standard. I hope and pray for Lil Boosie to […]