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Ne-Yo Has An Onstage Breakdown


According to several attendees, Ne-Yo abruptly ended his set last night in Manchester, England after struggling through his Michael Jackson tribute. If they ask why, tell ‘em it’s human nature.

Props: CL

No Grammy For Kid Cudi

Oh no, it can’t be. Kid Cudi took to Twitter yesterday to lament his album Man On The Moon‘s push back to Sept. 15 which will now make it ineligible to win a Grammy the following year. Like, he was really supposed to win one out the gate. Guess he really is Kanye’s artist. Cleveland’s finest blamed it on the album packaging deadlines and also expressed that unlike Curtis and his PR machine, he doesn’t want to go toe-to-toe with a new Jigga CD. These young MCs and their meltdowns… Smh.


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