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RR’s ’09 Best Albums: #6 50 Cent “Before I Self Destruct”

Good things come to those that wait. And after a couple of false starts, 50’s Before I Self Destruct finally saw the light of day last November. First, he tested the waters with “OK You’re Right” and “Flight 187”. Soon after, he made a big splash with “Crime Wave”,  “Baby By Me”, and “Psycho”. By year’s end he satisfied his female core with, “Do You Think About Me”. Hate it or love it, but 50 actually delivered. Before: RR’s ’09 […]

RR’s ’09 Worst Singles: #7 Game “Big Money”

Last October, Game boasted that “Big Money” was the first single off The R.E.D. Album. And although the beat knocks, the track’s marred by Jayceon’s consistent name drops (Young Jeezy, Kobe, Gucci Mane, etc.) and mediocre chorus. These days, Chuck’s been working diligently with Pharrell. Hopefully by the time The R.E.D. Album drops, “Big Money” is small change compared to the rest of the LP. Before: RR’s ’09 Worst Singles: #8 T.I. x Mary J Blige “Do You Remember Me”

RR’s ’09 Best Albums: #7 Eminem “Relapse”

Marshall Mathers returned to the rap game clean and sober but his mind was still on drugs. Relapse is chock full of references to seemingly every prescription your grandma ever thought of havin’ in her cabinet. Unlike any other MC on your iPod, Eminem is truly in his own dark and demented world. He’s poppin’ valium like ma dukes on “My Mom”, disintergrating babies on “Stay Wide Awake”, and chokin’ Lindsay Lohan with a sixty-six inch extension cord (“Same Song […]