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Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg “Em Is Over”

Nick Cannon ain’t got no ether for Marshall, so Hot 97′s new morning show had to step up and defend MC and her lambs. My oh my, the things that LD can get away with now that he doesn’t work for Shade 45. Smh. Hey, I find it humorous. Let’s see how the Real Rosenberg feels. Uh oh © Ja Rule.

{mp3}bit – em is over{/mp3} 

Drake Returns To Stage In His Hometown


With the America’s Most Wanted Tour hittin’ T-Dot, you knew the hometown boy had to hobble out, pay respects, and perform. When is that surgery again?

Spotted: BC

After the jump, peep some more of the action. Yeah, he sat his half-Jewish ass down the whole time.

New Music: Amerie “Heard ‘Em All”

Contrary to my wife’s belief, I haven’t for a long time crushed over Miss Rogers, especially since she married her manager. And I’m even less enamored with “Heard ‘Em All.” This is some fake B bullshit. Now I’m no turncoat, I still got my “Why R U” pom poms out (remix and all) but miss me with this wack shit.

{mp3}01 heard em all{/mp3}

Spotted: Meka

New Music: The Knux “Fuck You”

“I date rape this bitch called life.”

This prolly won’t surprise you and you don’t need to put YN on the Actor’s Studio to find out, my favorite word is “fuck”. What a great word. So powerful. So many multiple meanings. Anyways, there’s been plenty wonderful songs with the simple title “Fuck You,” including Dr. Dre and The Lox. Well the brothers from Nawlins carry on tradition. Note: This head nodder is just to warm you up until their next album hits your mom and pops.

{mp3}fuck you{/mp3} 

Sidebar: Uh oh. The track is kinda open at the end so you young MCs can gon’ head and get you some. You didn’t hear it from me.

New Music: Kidz In The Hall “Flickin’”

Honestly, I didn’t know what the fuck Double O was talkin’ about when he hit me on my Twitter about his new shit. Well I finally listened and, guess what, this shit ain’t half bad. Far from what I was expecting and very clever. I could see Puff wishing he had this for Last Train ’cause it utilizes Auto-Tune in way I think even you-know-who would approve. 

Song: iTunes. Album: Land of Make Believe Date: 10-13-09

There that go.

{mp3}01 flickin{/mp3}