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Jamie Foxx Interviews T.I.

Last Thursday, Jamie Foxx caught up with T.I. in the studio for a four part interview. In the first clip, Tip spoke on his weapons charge, prison time, and approval of Tiny’s reality show. Afterward, he discusses his new album, fame, and trite questions. Got that “interviewers”?  By the third video, Jamie tells a story of meeting T.I. for the first time and more LP talk. In the final vid, he speaks on his new movie Takers.

Bun B On His Gumball Adventures

Despite an elbow injury and some knee damage, Uncle Bun finished his international race earlier this month. Here he recounts the crazy experience. Also it looks like his SOB’s show is now official tissue. Get your tickets here. Bun B and Friends? I shoulda thought of that!