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Def Jam 25: Shyne “Godfather Buried Alive”

Word on the street…and the tweets, is that Moses is finally parting from the bing today after serving eight years. While sitting in Clinton Correctional, he severed ties with Bad Boy and signed his Gangland imprint to Def Jam. Two months later, he released his sophomore album, Godfather Buried Alive. But therein lied a problem. How do you promote an album when the artist is incarcerated? Well, the crafty folks at Def Jam found a way. Not only did he […]

Joe Crack’s Sample Clearance Problems

It wasn’t Curtis’ silly stunts that derailed Fat Joe’s project from being on the front burner of everyone’s minds, it was those damn samples. I just copped the new CD and two of my favorite joints had to be reworked. Damn shame! Before: After: Before: After: Regardless, I’m still a card-carrying member of Team Cartagena. “Congratulations” knocks! Support my Boriqua buddy!