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Lyor Cohen Talks Missing Out On Drake

This flick of Lyor Cohen was snapped last year during Drake’s gig at S.O.B’s . Today though, Complex posted their interview with the Warner Music CEO. In a excerpt below, he speaks on not securing Drizzy to the label. Speaking of new artists, many people were expecting Drake to sign with you at Warner Music. Did it disappoint you that he ended up going with Universal Motown? Lyor Cohen: A very disappointing thing. But I’m a lover of rap music. […]

Kanye’s “Power” Inspired By Malcolm X ?

Man, great minds think alike. After hearing the chorus of Kanye’s new single this past weekend, I immediately thought of the hospital scene from Spike Lee’s Malcolm X. But for some reason, I couldn’t find the clip on YouTube. Coincidentally, it jolted Sean’s memory too and he drew the comparison first. Now, that’s powerful. Sidebar: 1515 Speaks To YN & Info On “Power”

50 Cent’s Got Soul For New Album

50 tells Rap-Up that he’s drawing inspiration from Marvin Gaye and Curtis Mayfield for his new album, Black Magic. Mercy, mercy me. How would you describe your latest direction? It’s still got a soulful vibe to it and that’s why I called it Black Magic. I had some Marvin Gaye-inspired stuff, some things that content-wise would feel like something Curtis Mayfield would do from my perspective, and just the choices of how the cadences on the records were like performance […]