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Goodie Mob On Gangsta Grillz Radio

Before the big stage reunion on Saturday night, the four man crew kicked it with my light-skinned brother Drama. Miss Info has the clips too because Tyree just can’t choose who his favorite is. You’d think the cat who gave him an XXL blog back in the days would have an advantage. But hey, I’m a lil’ cranky. It’s dinnertime! More after the jump. Sidebar: Peep Mr. Garland‘s work

New Mixtape: Maino “Unstoppable” (DJ Whoo Kid)

Who runs this town? As promised: New material from BK’s hard rock. Turn that sumabitch computer sideways if you wanna peep the tracklist. Or just download the whole thing here and enjoy the ride. Rap’s other light-skinned Jermaine, FTW! Spotted: Shake via Radio Planet Previously: New Music: Maino x Lloyd Banks “Bandana”

New Music: Juelz Santana x Chris Brown “Back To The Crib”

Truthfully: I found out about this “Run It” reunion months ago and was actually asked my opinion if this was a good look for ‘Elz’s return single givin’ the hot water Fuck Boy Brown was in. Well since that time, Joyce’s baby boy’s apologized, brought his bowtie-wearin’ ass to Larry King, picked up some garbage and is already promoting his upcoming Swizz Beatz-produced “Transformers” single with Lil Wayne. So I guess you can say the coast is clear now to […]

Young Rihanna’s Mariah Carey Tribute

She’s only 15! Hand me my late pass if you must, but I never saw this footage of a Barbadian teenager singing one of Mimi’s big hits at some sort of school talent show. Who knew this young lady would grow up to be part of one of the biggest scandals in America and, oh yeah, run this town. Ha! Keep ya head up, Ri-Ri. The Double R gotcha back. Note: Video cuts off before end. It ain’t my fault. […]

New Music: Mariah Carey “Up Out My Face”

Can you believe it? Em’s ex new CD finally drops in eight days. Leave it up to LowKey (the only good thing about BET) to get his hands on an early offering. Written by the Umbrella men, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, this shit sounds real Mr. Nash if you ask me. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. On second thought, I’ll pass.

Max B Doesn’t Have Plenty Money

Looks like Max B is running out of time—and cash money. In order to fund his legal defense and seek appeal, Max’s Twitter account was updated with a donation request. Sorry Biggavel, but I think a lesson is to be learned here. Here today, gone tomorrow. Heads Up: LifeFiles