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Jay-Z Clash Cover

Never heard of this mag until today. But they seem to be across the pond-based and Hov chopped it up with them when he was out there. Interview is the typical fodder, but there’s an interesting note about how it came to be for Kanye to get a guest verse on “Run This Town.”

Do you have a fixed idea of who you want on a particular track and then aim to get them?
Actually, they weren’t on till the other day. Literally, Kanye wasn’t on there until two days ago. It just felt like he needed to be on there. I was listening to this track and the drums just kept reminding me of ‘Jesus Walks’ and I could hear him… And that’s how collaborations usually happen for me. I don’t sit there and pick people out of the air. It’s more that I’ll find myself in someone’s zone and I’ll be ‘man, this would sound good if so-and-so was on it’.

Props: Miss Dreams

There’s a gang of exclusive photos too. Peep a few, after the jump.

Jay-Z “Haters” (Live in Chicago)


“Hoover, Hova.”

After a gang of radio interviews, Morning Show Hov touched down in the Chi and did his 1-2 thing at the House of Blues. No Mr. West, but Mr. Carter takes a lil’ time to address the “Haters,” with the song’s first ever performance. Yes sir!

Once Again: Amajanese

Young Guru: Critiquing Jay-Z

No, “Yes Men” here. Guru admits to telling Hov his opinion on his records. In fact, he says Jay switched his verses on “Already Home” and “Forever Young.” Good luck on finding those, leakers. Sidebar: Pardon the low audio. Squeeze the juice out your headphones/speakers.

The State Of Drake: Surgery Today

Drake’s homie Oliver aka The Parisien Gangster unleashed some BB flicks late last night. Above is a flick from the GQ Men of The Year Issue shoot which paired Wale, Kid Cudi and Drake all together. And below are some photos from the two videos Drizzy shot this weekend before he went into surgery today. That’s right, this kid might actually get his knee fixed. Let’s go!

Jay-Z Morning Radio Show Interviews

It’s 6:30 a.m. and Jay-Z is doin’ interviews to promote BP3. After begging for about a year, Cipha & Rosenberg finally get their man. Pause. Break 1: Break 2: Break 3: Break 4: Break 5: UPDATE: Ed Lover Time Hand’s in the cookie jar? Ha! Break 1: Break 2: Break 3: Break 4: UPDATE 2: This is for Z100! Elvis Duran Morning Show. UPDATE 3: Steve Harvey. Heads Up: Roc With Me UPDATE 4: Ryan Seacrest