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Lil Boosie Says He Needs Jesse Jackson

Today, Ozone published the rest of Maurice Garland‘s engrossing interview with Lil Boosie. In it, Bad Azz says he needs help from the dude with the Rainbow Coalition. ….But really, I’d feel like I’m just punching these crackers back in the face for what they’re doing to me. This is my first conviction. Jesse Jackson needs to be down here screaming for me too. This my first conviction and I’m doing jail time. I know millions of people with paper […]

Will Smith To Remake “Flowers For Algernon”

According to several reports, The Fresh Prince is poised to star in the revamped version of Daniel Keyes’ novel, Flowers For Algernon. The story is about a mentally challenged man named Charlie, that undergoes a procedure to become a genius. Algernon is the name of the lab mouse which the experiment was tested on. Algernon, Algernod? Yo Plies, where you at?!