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RR Exclusive: Snoop Dogg’s Victory Lap

Besides hip-hop, there’s not much Calvin and I have in common. Except when it comes to the pigskin, we ride with the black, white and yellow. Haven’t you noticed the colors of the Double R, fuckers. Yup, YN wins again. Touch down. Here’s Snoop, the Super Steelers fan, on his Heinz Field adventure. Previously: Backstage With Snoop Dogg & The Snoopadelics

Who’s House? Lyor’s House!

Ly-or. This post’s about Ly-or. The CEO of rap let the NY Times into his home and answered a gang of questions. With candor and charisma, he bigs up everyone from P.E. to Jay-Z to the man who made Def Jam before him. HOME HOMAGE: My house is dedicated to Rick Rubin. My day-to-day experience is fundamentally in honor of things I learned from Rick. The first day I saw him in his N.Y.U. dorm room, he was in pain […]

New Music: Playaz Circle x Raekwon “Weight Droppin'”

Wow Luda’s boys have finally come up with one that hit my radar. This ain’t no “Skew It On The Bar-B,” but choppin’ it up with the Chef is a fine ATL tradition in my book. Believe it or not, Titty Boi and Dolla Boy (why don’t they change their group name to the Duffle Bag Boys) have a new album droppin’ next Tues too. I’ll leave it up to you, what you should do. After the jump, Shallah explains […]