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Common Live At Ft. Greene Festival (Brooklyn)

Guess some recording artists aren’t in Cali. Saturday night, my neighbor did his thing for the BK natives. Here’s a highlight reel of his show from “Go” to “The Light”. He even does the bring-a-young-lady-up-on-stage bit for “Come Close”. He ain’t missin’ you at all, Serena. Ha. fsl

T.I. Presents JD With ASCAP Award

Back to Friday night, ATL Pride was evident as The Kang bowed down to Dupri and his two writers who received the ASCAP Song Of The Decade Award for Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together“. God I hate that song. Sorry, Nick. ru Previously: Eminem Presents Dr. Dre With ASCAP Award Bonus: Nigel edited the official footage. Here are the big tymers’ speech highlights.