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New Music: T-Pain “Take Your Shirt Off”

This is the official first single off T-Pain’s new album, RevolveR (The last capital R ain’t a mistake). The shit should be really called “Take Your Muthafuckin’ Shirt Off.” And I can dig it. It’s funky and crunky like Lil Jon in his prime. The “Is autotune really dead?” line ain’t even necessary as the song uses just a touch of the effect in the song’s bridge. Yup, it’s strong on its own two. Looks like Faheem’s gonna survive the […]

LL And The TV Show No One Cares About

Huge billboards. Heavy promo. A primetime major TV show starring role. A huge look for hip-hop, no? Still and all, there’s no buzz and no one seems to give a fuck, Including me. I grew up a huge James Todd Smith fan, but I can’t for the life of me muster up any excitement for his latest acting gig. Maybe you can. Season premiere tonight. Check the clip above. Come Again: Splash Previously: New Music: LL Cool J “N.C.I.S. (No […]