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Hot 97 & Thisis50 Fest: 50 Cent x D-Block

And now, for the main event. Accompanied by his G-Unit brethren, 50 hit the stage and performed an endless supply of hits. In fact, he was so amped, he threw his leather jacket in the crowd. Towards the middle of set, he allowed them boys from Yonkers to do their one-two things. Later came Maino. Unfortunately, Flip Cams aren’t built for six hour concerts. Sorry Jermaine.

New Music: B.o.B. “Paper Chase”

“I want the money. I want the cars. I want the clothes. I want the ho’s” Aw Bobby, I fuckin’ feel ya. According to X, this track is two years old. Luckily for us, B.o.B. makes timeless music. Enjoy. Sidebar: If you’re in the NY area, B.o.B. is  performing tonight at the Highline Ballroom. Oh, oh alright!