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Fuse’s Hip Hop Shop: J.Cole

[sparkart-clique site=”rap_radar” video=”jcole_on_hiphop_shop”] J.Cole chopped it up with Touré last night on Fuse’s Hip-Hop Shop. After a few rudimentary questions, Cole spoke on his writing process but remained tight lipped on his debut album title. Spill the beans already man!

Lupe Fans Petition For Lasers Release

Last week, Lupe turned to Twitter and blamed Atlantic Records for the delay of his third album, Lasers. In turn, his fans created an online petition demanding the release of the project. Fight the power and sign your life away here. Dear Atlantic Records, The fans have been waiting for the release for Lupe Fiasco’s album “Lasers” for over a good year now. Since when it was originally announced finished last summer, there has still yet to be a release […]