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Maino Isn’t Feeling MTV’s Hottest MC List


Analyzing MTV’s Hottest MC’s list with This50, Maino gets peeved when his name isn’t mentioned in the top ten. Surely, everyone wants to be recognized, but like that Monica song suggests: don’t take it personal. As I see it, Maino had one of the best albums this year. Listen to that.

Props: YK2

Drake: Trey Songz The Greatest R&B Singer Of Our Generation


Last night at the Canal Room in NYC, Drake went out on a limb and said Trey Songz was the greatest R&B singer of the generation. Bold statement there, Aubrey. Unfortunately, I’d have to disagree. I think that honor goes to Robert S. Kelly. Say what you want about the Pied Piper, (Lord knows, I have) but Kellz has been running Generation Y for a minute. Sigh. Insolence is bliss.

Props: Miss Info

Moment of Clarity: Yuuup, I was wrong. While Kellz maybe the greatest male R&B artist ever, he isn’t a memeber of Trey and Drake’s generation. So in that regard, perhaps Drizzy has a point. But on the flipside, who’s the comp?   

Kid Plays Himself In Commercial


Here’s Christopher Reid of Kid-N-Play fame hawking suits for a California retailer. Now, there’s nothing better than rocking tailored duds. But, to hear Kid say “It’s not about that hip-hop house party stuff” and then suggest folks wear suits when their homeboy gets shot is just downright embarrassing, if not tacky. I’m sure Men’s Warehouse would frown at such a thing. Iron out your act, and get it together. Better yet, let your man Dave hook you up.