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Game’s Next Two Singles

So, the press release was sent out today for Game’s R.E.D. Album, which is due out June 15th. The first single’s  called “It Must Be Me” produced by Pharrell. And if that doesn’t work, the next tune is “Ain’t No Doubt About It” featuring Justin Timberlake. It seems as if Game been searching for the right record for a minute now. “Krazy” didn’t go over so well and neither did “Big Money.” Don’t even get me started with “Shake“. Since […]

B.o.B.’s Encore Performances

After B.o.B. closed out his set last night at S.O.B.’s, the crowd wanted more. Bobby Ray obliged their request and returned to the stage for an encore performance. He kicked a freestyle and followed up with “The Biz” and “Put Me On”. And oh, the fun don’t stop. Below is a snippet of his song “Airplanes II” with Eminem.