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New Video: Dirty Money “Angels” (Trailer)

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3364317&w=425&h=350&] We once had a version of this up. Now we got a trailer. Fair exchange? Oh well. Like the man says, “LET’S GO PEOPLE!” Diddy needs all the help he can get. Smh.

Lil Boosie Will Put A Pill In Your Azz

Freaky girls listen up. In an interview with TSS, Boosie Boo talks about shoving ecstasy tablets in your anus. Lil’ Boosie: …we be sticking pill up girl’s booty too! TSS: Ok look, now I heard on the mixtape with Hurricane Chris, you mentioned that. What’s up with that? Lil’ Boosie: Yea, it kicks in after 20 seconds. It hits them in 20 seconds. TSS: How does someone even find that out? Lil’ Boosie: I get it from my cousin. He […]

Jay-Z Digs “Nigger”

No, Cosmo Kramer. But in part of Jigga’s interview with O magazine, he talks about how Dick Gregory’s autobiography made a difference in his life. No need for Jay to tell ya, it’s already a best seller. “I don’t know who turned me on to this autobiography, but his sense of humor and the hardships he went through stayed with me—especially the scene where he started running home from school. It led to his joining the track team, which led […]