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Jim Jones M.V.B. (Most Valuable Baller)
Pop champagne like Jomo won the championship.
Who knew the architect behind “We Fly High” could actually ball? Jim’s squad “The Jones Family” won a Converse-sponsored b-ball tournament yesterday in N.Y. defeating Pac Div in the finals with some tough defense. If you see a butcher, point him out. Had a feeling dude was a hacker. No computer.

The real treat according to numerous onlookers was the ambiance, which included Rosa Acosta dressed as a cheerleader. I’d hunt for some flicks but I’m a married man. No can do. You lose.

Props: Sound Of The City

Joe Don’t Wanna Fight No More?

Somebody call Tina Turner! It looks like Bernard had a change of heart. When pressed by Angie Mar this afternoon about his status with Shallah, Mouse seemed ready to move on.

Joe: “I think we’re already there. I’m not saying me and him in particular but, the people who need to speak to each other are definitely speaking to each other.”

I don’t know if I buy a peace treaty just yet. Remember: Real niggas square dance in silence.

Courtesy: Miss Info (The Transcribe Queen)

Photo Find: D.Omen

Sidebar: These rappers get it in on Twitter. You goddamn right they tweet fans… and haters too!

Flo Rida On Alexa Chung


This afternoon, Alexa Chung conducted another boring interview with The Nelly Killer. Below is a performance of his song, “Jump”. No Kriss Kross.


Lil Boosie Salutes Young Jeezy

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.885961&w=425&h=350&] 

The Bad Azz got nothin’ but love for Da Snowman.

“Jeezy is my homie,” Boosie told us on the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, set of his new “Better Believe It” video. “If we wasn’t rapping, we’d still be click-clackin’. I wanted to get on that album bad. Jeezy put me on that Recession album. I owe him for that. Whatever he needs, I got him. Jeezy, I’m trying to get him to do a mixtape with me right now.” 

Now that’s a mixtape I’d pay for! No shots, Nipsey. 

Props: 1515 Boys til 2010!

Pill Tours Pink City


Before it was shut down, Pill gives us a guided tour of Pink City. For all you outta towners, Pink City was one of the most infamous traps in ATL. Get it how you live, mang.

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