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New Music: Ghostface Killah “Stapleton Sex”

“I read an interview where Natalie Portman said she likes dirty

rap, obscene lyrics and all that. I figure she can dance to this one.

I’m looking for you Natalie!”— Ghostface Killah

Well, Ghost is right. In Interview magazine, the actress admitted to having a penchant for lewd raps. Hopefully this new cut tickles more than her fancy. 

{mp3}stapelton sex{/mp3} 

Props: Team Yee

50 Cent & Ghostface Squash Beef

Considering Ferrari and Starks’ history, I found it was strange that Ghost granted the folks down the URL an interview. Well according to XXL, he mended their beef with a phone call.

That’s some old-school shit. Back then, things were

all snowballed in the air on some other shit. I didn’t like what he

said, that’s where it all started from anyway. But we kicked it on the

phone one time, and after we kicked it on the phone that was it. I aint really trying to hold no grudge fucking 30 years later after

he done said whatever the fuck he done said. So it

was like whatever. At the end of the day we’re

still people just trying to get ahead. It’s like you’re having a fight

with a muthafucka 10 years ago… you can either keep the grudge or be

like ‘yo wattup’ and just let it go and shit, it’s like what the fuck

I’m holding on to it for. I respect all these niggas. As long as you

respect me, I’ma respect you.

Word to Aretha.

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Happy B’Day Beyoncé

Today is Mrs. Carter’s 28th birthday. And according to baby sis Solange, they’re gon break out their freak em dresses and do-me-pumps this Labor day weekend. Have fun ladies. Take it easy on them OK, paps? Below is footage from of her celeb pals and fans. My, they grow up so fast. *tear*


T-Pain Tests Out His iPhone App


Auto-Tune may be six feet under, but that doesn’t stop T-Pain from exhuming a couple dollars. Check him out demonstrating his iPhone application “I Am T-Pain” for some of his celebrity pals. You guys are T-Paining too much.

Props: RS