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RZA Digs Justin Bieber “Runaway Love” Remix

On the VMA red carpet this past Sunday, RZA gives the “Runaway Love” remix a cosign with Rap-Up TV and says he’s flattered by them using a Wu-Tang sample. “I think it’s crazy and it’s great because the [sampled] song, ‘Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit,’ is a hard song and to hear Justin Bieber on top of that song, it just shows that it’s like an old kung fu theory. It says, ‘Be hard as steel, soft as cotton.’ I […]

Kid Cudi Announces MOTM2 Features

Scotty performed at the Best Buy in Times Square yesterday for the Halo:Reach launch party. Up top, Cudder reveals Chip Tha Ripper, GLC, Cage, Mary J. Blige and Cee-Lo are all onboard for Man On The Moon: 2. Spike TV did not air Cudi’s performance, but you can catch it after the jump. heads up: dnc

Lil Boosie Addresses Murder Charge

Boosie is still going through some things and has pleaded not guilty for his murder charge. In a recent interview with AHH, Bad Azz maintains his innocence and believes he’s just another typical target. “I’m innocent; I’m completely innocent. My situation is one that is unjust, unfair and based on an attack against hip-hop and rap as a whole. Even through these circumstances my family, labels and fans have stood by me and I thank you for that.  My album Incarcerated comes at a real […]