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Fabolous: #8 Hottest MC In The Game

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3536198&w=425&h=350&] In case you ain’t know so, Fab’s number eight on MTV‘s Hottest MC list. Here’s why: Why He’s Hot: Fabolous started his Loso’s Way campaign by telling the world that it was “his time,” and the boy from Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood lived up to his claim. Loso’s Way — a concept project inspired in part by the gangster film “Carlito’s Way” — became his first #1 LP on the Billboard albums chart, selling nearly 99,000 units in its […]

Eminem’s First Relapse 2 Interview

For his own Shade 45 channel’s five-year anniversary, Marshall Mathers has agreed to do a couple of sitdowns. On Sat Oct. 3 at 3 pm EST, he talks about DJ Hero (Oct. 27), his New Orleans concert (Oct. 30), and his new album with DJ Whoo Kid. On Tues Oct 6 at 9pm EST, he’ll touch on the same topics with DJ Tony Touch. Hopefully “Jason From Miami” doesn’t call in. Heads up: Don’t Hate Be Hated via Hip Hop […]

Raekwon Says Not So Fast On Group LP

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3533021&w=425&h=350&fv=] The Chef clarifies that the joint LP deal with Ghost and Meth ain’t done. See, they’re both signed to Def Jam but he’s indy and would love for the treacherous three to own the final product. Still, he recognizes that the fans come first so as long as the paperwork’s right, Shallah’s on board. The only question I’m left with is what the fuck is up with this video’s distracting background music. SMH. I don’t wanna give Gasface, […]

Diddy Explains New Interscope Deal

“I was at a point where I felt like I needed a fresh start like A-Rod going to the Yankees.” Combs is still celebrating his latest record company powermove so he rang up AHH and told them how he escaped Lyor Cohen’s clutches. “I had started some previous business relationships with Jimmy Iovine. We had a great chemistry with each other. When I sat down with Julie [Greenwald, Atlantic COO] and told them that I had an interest to go […]