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Lil Wayne x Birdman Medley (Live at Jones Beach)


You know Mr. Carter’s “father” had to represent during the night’s festivities. Here Cash Money’s one-two punch run through a few of their finest musical moments together. Like I said on Twitter, “Always Strapped” is quietly one of the best joints of the year. 

Lil Wayne Says Drake Is Havin’ Surgery Today?


Last night at the America’s Most Wanted show in Jones Beach, Weezy F spoke on his protege Drake’s recent re-injury and says that a lil Sunday surgery was on the sked. Why do I not believe him? He then goes into “3 Peat.”

Pardon that muffled bass and the white bright spotlight.

Sidebar: Somebody inked the Black Barbie up?

Bun B Likes How Asher Roth Moves The Crowd


After Asher performs “I Love College” on the Houston leg of the Great Hangover Tour, Uncle Bun gives him his props and says: “I’m a keep it one-hundred….That was one of the best hip-hop shows I’ve ever seen.” Word, ain’t no mistakes allowed.

Yep: NR

Jay-Z “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)” x “Roc Boys” (Live At All Points West)


Love the band’s breakdown as Jay reminds us of the time when he murdered Kanye on his own shit. After that, well the “Roc Boys” are in the house. What else? Word to Cafe. It’s a celebration, bitches.

Oh yeah I forgot, ask Hov where he got the chain remains line from. It wasn’t Treach. Ha!