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Chicks Dig Gucci Mane


“I would let him hit it raw”

Two snow bunnies confess their love for Mr. Radric Davis. Very freaky girls, indeed.

Sidebar: I thought this was America, people? Gucci’s innocent until proven guilty. 

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Gucci Mane’s Lawyer Gives Statement

All morning Twitter has been abuzz with claims that Gucci Mane violated his probation and was back in the big house. Asylum, his recording label, has vehemently denied this and now Gucci’s lawyer has sent out the following statement.

“Gucci Mane is not incarcerated. His attorneys are addressing all pending issues through the courts.”—Attorney, Dwight Thomas

RR will continue to cover this story.

Beanie Sigel’s Album Cover

No single? No leaks? No video? No problem! Here’s Sigel’s artwork and tracklist for his upcoming album, The Focus. I’m willing to forgive Beans for that debacle last go around. But then again, I have less compassion than your average blawga.

1. Broad Street Bully
2. All In
3. Shot Em Up
4. Death Follows Me
5. Phili (w/ Freeway & Young Chris)
6. Ready For War (w/ Freeway & Young Chris)
7. Point The Finger (w/ Young Chris)
8. Get Back To Rap (w/ Young Neef)
9. I’m Sicker (w/ Freeway)
10. What Are We Doing Here
11. Going Through The Emotions
12. You Over Did It
13. Why Shouldn’t I


Which Way Should Bow Wow Go?

Bow Wow woke up early this morning with a dilemma on his mind. Does he make a currently incarcerated convict his new slave master or does he man up and be the underboss to the least respected mogul in rap? Decisions, decisions. 

Always Entertaining: Bow Wow’s Twitter

Charles Hamilton Is Alive!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.886103&w=425&h=350&fv=loc%3D%252F%26autoplay%3Dfalse%26vid%3D1834037]

“Takin’ my time. To make up my mind. Do I wanna be a superstar?”

The boy is back! And he’s in the studio. Hey, Chuck I’m diggin’ the hook. Welcome back, lil nigga. Drive slow, homie.

Props: Amajanese