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Slaughterhouse Freestyle (Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg)

Been trying to get the MP3 of this all week. The story goes Slaughterhouse was booked for Hot 97’s new morning show, Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg. But because Mouse didn’t want to speak on the Raekwon situation, they shelved the sitdown. They did get them to freestyle over “The What” instrumental and played it on the air which I heard half-asleep one morning. Got it? Either way, just listen to 3/4ths of Slaughterhouse play pass the mic. Too bad Joell needed a lozenge. Ha! No shots.

{mp3}slaughterhouse freestyle{/mp3} 

Sidebar: The Internets are warring over the Slaughterhouse sub-par SoundScan performance. Pretty entertaining stuff. I may weigh in with my take next week. 

De La Soul “Rock Co.Kane Flow” (Live N.Y.)


“We De La til the death/ Or at least until we break-up.”

Look at the dopeness I’ve found. In my book, this Grind Date closer was the last great De La Soul record. Yeah I said it. Of course, MF Doom is missed from last week’s show at the Nokia Theater, but the brothers from Long Island still bring the stop-and-go craziness. Freeze!

Props: LTD

And if that ain’t good enough, here’s the album version.

[youtube= rock co.kane flow]

Sidebar: Remember when Curtis went in on this? Kinda chunky!


Bonus: More De La live with crisp audio.

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