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DJ Quik Live At The Warfield (San Francisco)

So Saturday night before I hit the AMA’s, I was in the Yay Area for the final date of the “How The West Was One” Tour. Although the homie Nipsey Hussle got tangled with the jakes, I still had a good ole time. Here’s Mr. David Blake runnin’ through his classic “Born and Raised In Compton”. After the jump, another one of his biggest hits, “Tonight”.

YN’s AMA Flip Cam Adventures

I wasn’t the first nigga to bring a platinum plaque back to the projects, but I’m sure I was the first nigga to flip cam Dick Clark’s award show. By the time Em and Curtis came out, I felt bold enough to fully record. After the jump, get up and close personal with A Keys and her flying piano. You know me. I’m a sucker for that grainy, cinema-verite footage. 100!