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Drake The Chef?

According to the Rap-Up, Drake reveals in the current issue of Rolling Stone his love for cookin’ up in the kitchen.

“I want to drop this album, then another, and then take a break to do film and study culinary arts.” Once he masters his skill, the aspiring chef plans to put it to good use. “Then I’m gonna open a restaurant in Toronto. Hopefully my name will hold more weight by then.”

Let’s just hope his album is a dish worth waiting for. *rimshot*

RZA “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthin’ Ta Fuck Wit”/”Tearz” (Live At Rock The Bells L.A.)


“Come on down, boyee!”

Did you know the leader of the Clan just happened to be in Cali on that suspenseful Saturday? After a rough Dusty Springfield-filled start, RZA settles down and performs a pair of Enter The Wu-Tang classics. Ah yeah, pardon me B.Dot, but we still love you Rakeem!