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RR’s ’09 Underrated Albums: #2 Maino “…If Tomorrow Comes”

A few years ago, Maino was written off as another “mixtape rapper”. After many postponements, he proved naysayers wrong and in June finally released his debut album …If Tomorrow Comes. Though Maino isn’t the most gifted wordsmith, he’s probably one of the most palpable. His warrior cry is echoed on cuts like “Remember My Name”, “Gangsta”, and “Kill You”. Meanwhile, he enjoyed the fruits of his labor on “Million Bucks”, “Hi Hater” and “Celebrate”.  Shame only 59,000 experienced it with […]

RR’s ’09 Disappointing Albums: #3 Jim Jones “Pray IV Reign”

Following the classic record that defined his career, “We Fly High,” Jim Jones put the suits at Sony in a headlock and they put them dollars up and backed Dip Set’s engine. Unfortunately, it only paid off for Da Capo. Maybe it was the juvenilish first single, “Na Na Nana Na Na” but this project never connected with the masses. Despite highlights like the Ryan Leslie two-step punch of “Precious” and the emotionally chest-clearing “Frienemies,” the album was marred with […]