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Jay-Z x UGK “Big Pimpin’” Live (BET)


Remember that 106 and Jay episode BET did awhile back? They fucked up and aired the same 45 minute segment—twice! Ha! Anyways, that’s the only time I recall Jay performin’ “Big Pimpin’” with both members of UGK. Bun B can prolly correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe it’s just the only time that we have footage of it. Enjoy. R.I.P., The Pimp.

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Busta Rhymes Interview (DJ Vlad)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891283&w=425&h=350&fv=]

B.Dot would never post this. Ha! This is actually a pretty good exchange between Busta and your favorite “journalist.” In the first clip, Vlad gets Bus to talk about L.O.N.S. beef with more details than I ever heard before. And after the jump, Trevor tells how Diddy got him to switch his style up and why he packs a machete. That’s right, a machete!

Update: Redman Interview (1992)


In one of his earliest interviews to promote his debut album, Redman takes the tissue out of his nose and talks about the drama of sample clearances around the two min mark. He says Quincy Jones charged him 60 K. Ouch. 

On The Come-Up: It’s The Official

Come on b,

That Redman video you posted was jacked from our site

Watch out for the biters out there, they might be comin for you next, lol.

Apparently the homie JC had it first.

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