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Ice Cube “Today Was A Good Day” (Live At Rock The Bells L.A.)


“The Lakers beat the SuperSonics.”

Speaking of legends, Ice Cube closed out LA’s raucous Rock The Bells show. No mon, not Nasir and Damien Marley. With the Westside Connection homie W.C. as hypeman, O’Shea laid down his monstrous mellow classic. Happy Sunday, everybody. Ha!

Note: It does get cut off at end. A nation of flip cam amateurs.

Raekwon Confronts Joe Budden Backstage At Rock The Bells

Joe Budden is live on his Blog TV channel as we speak but there appears to be a confrontation that just took place in Cali. Joe was hit in the eye. IceWaterTV recorded it. More details coming.

And yes, Mickey Factz is still hangin’ around.


Update: DDot ripped Mouse’s post fight recap.


Update 2: More footage. Ice pack included. Spotted from NR.


Update 3: The Rae after. On stage. Courtesy: Question210


Update 4: Ice cures all? Budden tweets:


Update 5:
Just the facts from Mr. Factz?


Crooked I Defends Joe Budden On Stage At Rock The Bells L.A.


Pardon this horrible footage of Slaughterhouse closing out their Rock The Bells set with “The One” and skip to around the 3:40 mark. Hear the crazed Slaughterhouse chants and see Crooked I with a whole lot of backup address the drama of the day.

“Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Don’t nobody gonna disrespect one of my niggas on the muthafuckin’ West Coast.”

I’m sorry my G, but I think that already happened.