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Diddy Talks About MJ Pushin’ Up On Beyonce


Last night on Letterman, Puff told a funny story about MJ crashin’ one of his parties to holler at a pre-Hov’d-up gal from H-Town. Between this and the “mystery son,” now all of sudden Joe’s baby boy was a mack. Who knew?

J.Cole Speaks On Fayettenam

See, it doesn’t take a rapper to get shot or arrested to make front page news! Read here to check out J.Cole’s interview with North Carolina’s The Fayetteville Observer on his hometown’s nickname.

The battle against “Fayettenam” may be lost.

City leaders for years have fought the nickname that many believe conjures up the bad old days – the downtown strip clubs, the prostitutes, the riotous drinking – i.e the gummy underside of the otherwise positive presence of Fort Bragg. Not to mention the connection with America’s most controversial war.

But to some people, Fayettenam is just a cool way of referring to Fayetteville. For emerging rapper J. Cole, “Fayettenam” is one of two ways he refers to the city where he grew up, at least in his songs. The other is “the ‘Ville.”

If J. Cole’s career turns out like some industry types and rap Web sites believe it will, he will have youngsters from coast to coast calling our city Fayettenam.

“If I say it in a rhyme, nine times out of 10, I’m going to say ‘Fayettenam’ instead of ‘Fayetteville,’ ” he told me by phone. “The people I’m trying to reach gravitate to that.”

Props: Nervreck