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New Music: Z-Ro “Doin’ Just Fine”

“Heavy like a ’57 Chevy.” Mo Garland. He went and put me on. This new Z-Ro is kinda tough. I contend not enough of my fellow sites out here show love to the homies down below. East Coast bias? Yeah, we off that! A lil’ country hip-hop never hurt nobody. Ride out! Props: Blogger Noz

New Music: Young Money “Thinking To Myself”

Here’s another one floating around the Internets from Weezy’s studio. A snippet of this leaked this past Spring. Sound quality is YouTube-ish, but I can still hear hit potential. Watch Birdman make the YM bunch do this one over. Truthfully: I’m quietly hoping the only album Mr. Carter puts out this year is one with his eclectic bunch. Ha! Props: Sermon

Ursalena > Cosnarati

Sorry William, but I couldn’t get through listening to your new shit. I tried. Good intentions. Bad music. Really bad. Joe Jackson bad! Still, you’re more hip-hop than you probably know. I’ll always rock with you Cos for this one. Everybody sing along! Sidebar: For the lost disco kids.