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The Just Blaze Collection

In honor of Justin’s closing of Baseline Studios, one of my favorite fellow scribes, Sean Fennessey is sharing his extensive collection of Megatron Don produced gems and an interview he conducted back in 2006 with the man himself for VIBE magazine. These true treats for real rap fans can be found on his blog, Split Infinitives. UPDATE: Might be a lil’ too late to download.

Bumpy Knuckles’ Fist Of Fury

This looks like a reenactment of GZA’s Liquid Swords cover. Last night at Statik Selktah’s 100 Proof album release party at S.O.B.’s, Freddie Foxxx (brown hat) apparently unleashed a can of whoop ass on the cat in the purple. Great shot Mel D. Someone has to have footage somewhere!