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T.I. “Swagger Like Us” (Original Verse)

I remember when LowKey on the low sent me the annoyingly-tagged up early copy of “S.L.U.” I wasn’t even back in the game then. My how times have changed. Honestly, I didn’t recall Clifford changed his bars on this but so glad he did. Minus the colder than February line, I used to think his verse was the best on the final mix. Don’t shoot me. Think we all agree the following is pretty underwhelming.

{mp3}t.i. – swagger like us old verse{/mp3} 

Sidebar: Hopefully, we’re two days away from “Forever” and why would you ever change the hook? Somebody get Mack Maine on the phone!

Update: Uh oh, it just leaked.

Pusha T Cops His Own Play Cloths


When I was at XXL and someone would ask for a free copy, I’d be quick to let ‘em know, nah, even my mama buys it off the newsstand. She wants to support her son—you should do the same. No freebies! With that being said, I’ve been sleeping. A lot of those Play Cloths pieces are looking good. Hell yeah, their lookin’ good.

Hey Steven Victor: Size: XL | Waist: 38| Length: 32 |Shoe: 12| Neck: 17.5| Reach: 35

Let’s make it happen! Help Me Out: KC

New Music: Cam’ron Feat. Vado x Charlie Clips “Always Strapped” (Freestyle)


“I don’t talk to a bitch, man, I text a hoe/ V-A-D-O, he next to blow/ You suck first, girl you next to blow Made me bust on myself, (like who?) like Plaxico.

Not really a fan of Cam’s new helping hands, but this CM beat is so hot it makes me even think he could rhyme. You got a spot for YN in the U.N., Killa? What, pardon your back? Alright, nigga. Off that next Kay Slay mixtape, Return of The God 2

{mp3}2-04 always strapped{/mp3} 

Props: Dre

Wait did someone say Return of The God? Ha!

Killer Mike Interviews MC Lyte


If you got close to 15 minutes to spare, here’s a full plate of hip-hop. Dig in. And oh yeah, YN’s with you Mike, it was all about Roxanne Shante and MC Lyte growing up a kid. Nuff respect to L Boogie before the breakdown, but Ms. Moorer might be my G.O.A.T.

Props: UNN

Jadakiss Denies Involvement In Drug Bust At His Home

MTV’s 1515 Boys got the exclusive statement from Jadakiss addressing the incident that went down in his apartment last Saturday where drugs and cash were found and two men were arrested prior to the raid.

“What happened on Saturday was an unfortunate situation, but one in which I have no involvement in. Since the release of my recent album Last Kiss, I have been on the road touring and promoting my project. I am focused on my performance schedule and career.”

Let’s hope this rings true.