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Knight Jones Is Here!

Finally! According to RR sources: Sometime between 9-10 p.m. tonight Kelis delivered a healthy baby boy. It was a natural birth and she had been in labor since early Mon morning. Nas was at hospital at time of delivery but wasn’t in room when she gave birth. Now we can officially say congrats! More details manana.

{mp3}10 its a boy remix{/mp3} 

Ghostface Killah’s Style Is Futuristic

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“Every time I wear brown, I get into some shit”

In our final clip, Ghost talks about his colorful palette and gives insight about his Ironman cover.

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Ghostface Killah On Self Branding

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This rap shit is like ziti and for years, folks have been eating off Ghosts’ plate. In the clip, Tony gives the secert to his relevancy and how he doesn’t mind you shark biters to make a lil’ C.R.E.A.M.