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Alfamega Gave Info For The D.E.A.?

According to The Smoking Gun, Alfamega used to be Uncle Sam’s payroll:

Court records show that Zellars began working with law enforcement

officials after he was sentenced in September 1995 to 110 months in a

federal gun case (Zellars, who had a prior felony robbery conviction,

was collared for selling weapons to an undercover federal agent).

Zellars “agreed to cooperate with authorities and was debriefed” about

the criminal activity of several individuals. “In particular he was

debriefed concerning the drug trafficking activities of a Mr. Ali

Baaqar,” according to a government court filing, a copy of which you’ll

find below. During his cooperation against Baaqar, Zellars met with a

DEA agent and a federal prosecutor, and subsequently testified at

trial. “Ali Baaqar was convicted of conspiracy to distribute heroin

based upon the trial testimony of [Zellars] and others.” In return for

his snitching, Zellars had 18 months shaved off his prison term when he

was resentenced in July 1997 by Judge J. Owen Forrester.

Mr. Zellars, you’ve got 24 hours.

Props: Eskay’s site