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Jay-Z & B’s Bodyguard vs. The Paps


Wow, there’s video of the craziness goin’ down in Croatia. Damn, let The Carters vacay in peace. Some of our media brethren don’t know how to act. Where’s Norm? 

Props: Necole Bitchie

Update: “If he hits you with that camera, fuck him up.” (c) Hov

D Dot got more footage.

Update 2: Now ripped to YouTube. Put your late pass away.


Update 3: Hey, Julius toss a tripod, catch a case.

JD Mad At MJ GQ Cover

Janet Jackson’s ex-man isn’t feeling the latest of the seemingly endless MJ covers. As you can see, the coverline says,” When Michael Was Cool.” Feeling it was a backhanded tribute, Don Chi Chi got his Kanye on. HOT COVER WACK ASS TITLE. SEE THIS IS THE SHIT THAT PISSES ME OFF PEOPLE WANNA USE THIS MAN TO MAKE THEM MONEY BUT CONTINUE TO THROW LIL SNEAK DISSES. AS FAR AS ANY FAN WOULD SAY, HE WAS COOL HIS WHOLE LIFE. […]

Rakim Bigs Up N.Y. Rap

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.885625&w=425&h=350&]

The 18th Letter salutes the hometown but he’s not sleepin’ on Drizzy and the new generation.

“You gotta give it up to Jay. He’s holding New York right now,” Rakim

said. “You have brothers like Fabolous that’s holding New York right

now. Rap is spread out right now. It’s like the NFL last year. A lot of

the teams we thought was going to the Super Bowl last year didn’t make

it. You have young teams that people sleeping on in the playoffs. It’s

the same thing in rap. New brothers is sprouting out. It’s crazy. From

Drake to you name it. I’m a fan of hip-hop as well. I like everybody

who keeps the game on their toes and keep it pushing.”

Props: 1515 Boys