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New Video: Ron Browz “Gimme 20 Dollars”

Ron Browz’s raps are less than desired. But I gotta admit, this song is a guilty pleasure. In fact, when I was in Miami this past Memorial Day weekend, he was slingin’ “No-Wifin’ In The Club Shirts” on Washington Ave. for $10 a pop…I bought two. Ironic ain’t it? Props: RealTalkNY Sidebar: What’s Lil Mama doing all up in the videooos? Someone hadcuff her…to a bench.

Jay-Z “Run This Town” Audio (Live At MSG)

Didn’t know iTunes had the official crispy soundboard audio of the first performance of BP3‘s first big single. You know, The Yankees new theme. I have a warm spot in my heart for you Internet geeks; so here’s a link to the audio file I just copped. Who says YN don’t give back? Convert to MP3 if you like, penny pinchers. Download here. Props: M1

Confirmed: R.Kelly Loves Chicken Too

Damn, must be a Chi-Town thing. While showing off his new Maybach, Kells reveals he broke his recent diet ’cause that Harold’s Chicken be callin’ him, bruh. *Dead* at him askin’ if his flip cam can “pan back.” SMH. Old habits are hard to break. Props: Skee

Eminem On Curtis’ Work Ethic

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3645654&w=425&h=350&fv=] People love to tell this story again and again about how hard 50 works. I get it, he works hard. We all should. No hard feelings but I missed seeing myself in last night’s Behind The Music. Guess I wasn’t holding my poms poms high enough in front of the camera to make the final cut. Ha!

The Young Jeezy & Rick Ross Connection

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3645536&w=425&h=350&] You rep for my weed carrier group. I’ll rep for yours. Favor for a favor. Ha! Anyways, on the set of a Triple C’s video, The Bawse and Da Snowman had some interesting things to say about carrying on tradition and their status in the game. Ross: “To be a part of Def Jam, I feel that the biggest legacies have been lived at Def Jam. From the dudes I love like EPMD, of course the LL Cool […]

The Return Of Rihanna

Guess who’s bizack. Ri-Ri announced on her new Twitter account last night that she’s ready to knock a few cats off the top of the charts this fourth quarter. Count me in as part of the hype machine ’cause I really wanna hear how the Fuck Boy Brown incident has affected her music. Straight from The A has gathered all the new flicks and behind the scenes video of the album cover shoot. Good luck to you, Ms. Fenty. Sidebar: […]