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RR Exclusive: Inside Khaled Khaled’s Studio

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“Is that all you monkey’s got?!”

No dancing this time, but this is still an interesting look into the making of Deeper Than Rap. After the jump, The Penguin pecks at Ricky to finalize the album’s tracklist. That Toomp sample cost some paper, huh? Let me find out.

Jadakiss Names New Album Top Five, Dead or Alive
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Jason told the 1515 Boys that he plans to call his fourth album, Top Five, Dead or Alive. Take that, Mr. Budden! Plus, he only wants to work exclusively with certain producers.

“I’m definitely going back in,” the Yonkers native said.  “The D-Block album is wrapped up. I’mma make sure we finish this LOX album, and I’m coming right back at the end of the year. I think I’m gonna call it Top Five, Dead or Alive.

I’m only gonna work with Primo [DJ Premier], Alchemist, Swizz Beatz,

Dame Grease, sh– like that. Have a couple of South [producers], and

that’s it. Wham!” 

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Dallas Penn Says Respect His Eminence

One of my favorite blogger/vloggers weighs in on Marshall Mathers’ love for polysyllabic words. You know who my partner is, but if you don’t like Relapse you’re lying to yourself. Ha! 

But I’ll let Billy Sunday DP tell it.

“Eminem’s latest album ‘Relapse’ is fantastic for it’s graphic gory content. This album is part of the great history of epic entertaining horror-core productions. This album is rap’s ‘Nightmare On Elm Street’. It is horrific, disgusting, profane, satirical and brilliant all at the same time. Lyrically, I consider this to be on a classic level. If the beats by Dr. Dre were swapped out for some of the dark production of DOOM, or more appropriately RZA, this album would be a certified classic. This drop though is to discuss the lyrical eminence of Eminem. A reader stated that this album was garbage. I don’t believe that reader listened to this album or if he did his ability to judge art is negligible.”

Read all about it.

See ya in the D next Tues. Ha! Confession: I never met Eminem. And I’m gonna try my best to keep it that way.

T.I.’s Gonna Turn Himself In
t.i. rapradar

Believe it or not, Clifford Harris really is gonna go to jail. TMZ says it’ll be in a low security prison in Arkansas and he will report no later than noon on Day 26 May 26. And he’ll even have a jail roomie. Pause! Wonder if Tiny’s gonna give him the Whitney bearhug move on his release day, he’s gonna need it.

Soulja Boy Offers Drake Advice

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You read right, in the clip DeAndre drops a gem on ‘em for Drizzy Drake.

“What advice [would I give to Drake]? Just take it and run

with it, man,” Soulja said Wednesday in the MTV Newsroom. “I don’t know

if I really had that type of buzz around me coming into the game. I

been hearing about Drake for a minute. You just hear it, like when

people be gossiping like, ‘Man, Drake the truth. He goes harder than

Wayne, man.’ I never really had that. Look what I did. With people

talking about him like that, just take it and run with it, man.”

Spoken like a true O.G. Ha!

Props: 1515 Boys