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Jim Jones x Dame Dash Celebrate Obama’s Victory

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Meant to post this during all that 100 days talk, but last November while working on Hip-Hop Monologues, Da Capo and Jigga’s old business partner celebrated the election of our nation’s first Black President. It’s never too late to pop champagne to that.

Bobby Ray On Carson Daly


“He’s just a phenomenal talent. The type of guy that you can tell, he’s gonna be here for awhile. And I just want to help him get where I feel he has the potential to go.”—Clifford, The CEO

This is a very well done EPK that I guess was given to Last Call With The Carson Daly. Booby breaks down B.o.B acronyms (something tells me he ain’t really changing his name) and hearts Coldplay and various rock bands.

Sidebar: The piano scene is hilarious.

RR Exclusive: A Bad Azz Service Announcement

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“The judge looked at me and said,’What’s happenin’ Boosie?’ He call me by my nickname, what you think I’m stupid?”—”Devil Get Off Me”

In the clip, Boosie address his frienemies after getting arrested two weeks ago and plugs his forthcoming album, Superbad: Return of Boosie Bad Azz.

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