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Kid Cudi Defends His Skinny Jeans

An interesting convo just went down on Angie Mar’s show about Scott’s right to rock a skinny jean. Ha! Can he live? Thank God dude took a Xanax. I’ve grown tired of these young MCs and their Twitter meltdowns.

[youtube= skinny jeans]

Sidebar: It was written!


Kelis Claims Nas Is Short Changing Her

This is getting ugly. According to court documents filed yesterday, Nasir has yet to pay like he weighs. With the singer expected to give birth shortly, she’s counters Nas’ claim of requesting a monthly allowance of $80,000 and says she only received a check for $350 and $2,500 in gift cards. She also states that Nas hasn’t ante’d up his share of their seed’s medical coverage. Sigh. Now, there’s three sides to every story and I’m sure they’re more chapters in store. So much for an undying love.

Nipsey Hussle Breaks Down His Album

Although his debut album South Central State Of Mind is only 60% complete, Nip Hussle gives a play-by-play in his latest blog post at XXL

Intro— Produced by Detroit Red, scratches by Scram Jones: This record right here sets the whole tone of my album. Detroit Red made “Hussle In The House” so you already know this record right here is hard as fuck!

Hussle In The House— Produced by Detroit Red

Hussle Is My Last Name— Produced by Ralo: This record right here is my next single. My homie Ralo who been producing for me since day one did this record. It got a West Coast vibe to it but with a Down South bounce. I think y’all are gonna love this. The whole concept is anyone who’s a hustler can relate to this. If you a hustler then Hussle Is Your Last Name. Apply that to whoever you want that hustled their way into money. Khaled Hussle, Lebron Hussle, etc etc…

I Don’t Give A Fuck— Produced by QD3 & Jonny Shipes: This record is some deep shit that I actually recorded before I got my record deal, but it’s so timeless that it wound up makin’ the album. QD3 produced the original beat and Shipes came in and touched it up. The shit is where I was at in life before I had hope of makin’ it out of the hood.

Blue Laces— Produced by Mr. Lee: This is my favorite record on the album so far. I can’t even speak on it or describe it. All I can say is cop the album for this song alone!

Bluffin— Produced by The Runners: This is a potential single. This is big music right here! I went down to Miami and knocked this out with them at Khaled’s spot. He went nuts when he heard this joint.! It’s on some “y’all thought I was bluffin’, back against the wall” type shit but I’m here now!

Rich Roll—Produced by Mental Instruments & Jonny Shipes: This is some shit for the ladies but the streets gonna fuck with it too because I’m sayin’ some real shit on the record. Mental Instruments came with the concept and they had a hook on the record. When I heard it I loved the melody of the hook but not what it was sayin’ so I flipped it and made it make sense to what I know and what made sense to me which was some “Rich Rollin” shit. This is gonna be one of the singles as well.

Hussle Hussle Hussle— Produced by JR Rotem: This is a MONSTER right here. JR at his finest. It got Sean Kingston on the hook and I go in on the verses. This is some street club shit. And it sounds huge!

Say Nipsey, weren’t “Hussle In The House” and “Rich Roll” both on Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol.2 ? I mean, I just thought, you know, that’d it be some, um, new songs on the album, you know? What’s that? OK, I’ll leave now.