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Eminem Speaks To Former Biographer

Eminem did an interview with The Guardian‘s Anthony Bozza, the man who once wrote a bio of his life. He gets candid on a few topics and takes a piss during the interview.

Writer’s Block

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I could write rhymes. But I wasn’t able to write anything that was good and up to my standards. This went on for two, probably three years. It was the worst case of writer’s block. Going through that I felt like shit. Me, personally, if I don’t write all the time, if a couple of weeks go by and I’m not writing, I feel shitty. I need to write, just as little exercises to feel like I’m doing something.

No Tracklist Yet For Relapse 2

It was a relief for me to not worry about the beats and strictly focus on writing and what the hell I wanted to say. It took a lot of the stress off. But “Beautiful” is a different story. That song is the only one out of a whole batch of songs – probably three or four albums’ worth of material – that I recorded in the time I was gone. I did all of that when I wasn’t sober and that is literally the only song that’s on this record. I don’t know if any of the others are going to make it to Relapse II, which I plan to release later this year, because I haven’t picked out those songs yet.

The Disappointment of Encore

Honestly, I’m not really angry at anything right now. I’m OK with my life and what’s going on right now. This is not really an emotionally driven album. There are a couple of songs, “Beautiful” being one of them, that touch on where I am emotionally, but it goes there without getting too dark. The overall theme of the record is to have a centre. I feel like I lost that on my last albums. Encore is a good record but I don’t feel like it was a great record for me. It wasn’t quite up to what I feel like my personal standards are for myself. It wasn’t all that I’m capable of doing.