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E! Rapper Wives

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If you’re busy like me, you might have missed this. But thankfully, Rap Radar’s Crystal F got her rip game on. Don’t front, you know you wanna watch this. And hey, the Mrs. is in it, you gotta check it out. Ha!

Mos Def above. Paul Wall right here.

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T.I.’s White Party In Miami


Gyant boofed a flip cam inside Clifford’s Farewell/White party in Miami. I’m guessing Alfamega’s invitie was lost in the mail.

Sidebar: T.I.’s will do one more big show before he goes, on Sunday May 24 in the A.

Update: Wait, if AP is right and he’s only gonna do 2 months, then why are we makin’ such a big deal out of this?

VohnBeatz On The Track


Here is 11 year old producer, VohnBeatz showcasing his tracks at the One Stop Music Confrence in Arizona. RR believes the children are our future. Eat your heart out Mr. ‘Tell Em.