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New Music: Sean Price “Godfather Part P” x “Goodnite”

Dre just liberated two cuts off Ruck’s October 27th release, Kimbo Price: The Prelude to Mic Tyson. In the first round, P takes M.O.B.B’s cinematic track and goes in. Round 2, it’s lights out as Nickel Nine and Petro step into the ring. Iron Mike cameos included. P! “You get madd glory/ And your flow is mad corny/ Ya tight ass clothes put you in the fag category”—Sean “The Internet trying to indict a man/ The web changing the world like […]

B.o.B. On Lil Wayne’s Guilty Plea

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3728770&w=425&h=350&fv=] After receiving the word on Weezy’s situation, B.o.B. chops it up with VladTV and shares his thoughts on the matter. He basically feels that hip-hop artists have become so powerful and influential that they often have to face huge opposition and become targets. He also draws comparisons to his Grand Hustle boss, T.I.’s case. You keep your nose clean, Bobby Ray.

Flick: King Of Stage

Bobby Brown had a show in NYC last night at, you guesed it, B.B. King (technically singular not plural). I’d hedge a bet that Mel D. Cole‘s photos are better than actually hearing him at this point. But still, who doesn’t have a soft spot for this troubled soul. It must be Bobby!

Beanie Sigel Fires Shots At Hov

“You know they actin’ funny in the back, Mac.” Big jammy-jam in Philly last night and two former rivals showed support to one another. During Jadakiss set he surprised the crowd with the hometown boy, Beanie Sigel. He runs through “Mack Bitch,” his verse from Raekwon’s “Have Mercy,” and “Feel It In The Air,” before dissing Jay-Z?!… Ok, tryin’ to figure this out from the footage. After the end of the first verse of “Feel It The Air” which goes […]