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Fat Joe Stayed Chubby & Moved To Miami

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3538883&w=425&h=350&fv=] Day three and Jose El Gordo explains why he relocated to the Sunshine State. He says Miami sparks his creativity while New York is stuck in the rut. Someone call a tow truck. Previously: You Can Find Fat Joe In The Club Cash Money: Illoniare

New Video: The Roots “How I Got Over”

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3538795&w=425&h=350&fv=] Is that a cassette? Let’s go back to the hood for Black Thought’s black hoodie rap. The imagery is prettier than a Spike Lee flick, but as smart as I am I still don’t know what’s goin’ on here. I need a lifeline. Ahmir, holla at me, man!

Wale “Breakdown” (Live From Spin HQ)

When I ran a publication, I didn’t like rappers visting the premises. Let alone the idea of them performing at my spot—yuck! (You’ll never clear that Lauryn Hill sample, Kanye. Ha!) Well Spin doesn’t feel that way. Wale dusts off one of his old tunes to introduce the rock mag’s new in-office concert series. Pretty innovative. Pardon the rip. Full set here.

T-Pain Cops A Plea To Jay-Z

“I just gotta be more careful.” After blamin’ it on the Nuvo, blubberin’ about being hated on for five years, and defending the light-skinned regular chick by his side, Faheem uses Drake’s “Successful” instrumental to send an open letter to Hova. Guess this guy doesn’t believe in Twitter. “Alright, so let’s talk about this Jay shit Somedays I wish that I ain’t never say shit And Diddy said, ain’t no excuse for what I did But I felt like he […]


Someone get HBO on the phone. This deserves a 24/7 special. Three months from now, X is going to have the opportunity to kick Eric Martinez’s ass in the squared circle. According to AHH, Martinez is also part of Earl’s management team. Hopefully, someone Flip Cam’s the mixed martial arts bout. On another note, Butterbean sure let himself go, no? Props: NR

Kanye West Flaps Over Chicken?

According to VIBE and MTV UK, Kanye had another tantrum this past weekend. Backstage at the Common & Friends benefit concert he allegedly asked, “Why wasn’t I offered chicken? You want me to perform for free, [and] everyone is eating… why am I not eating?” When a waitress replied that he didn’t ask for any, he blurted, “Well, I’m asking now!” Allegedly, he took a bite and threw the rest in the trash. Waste not, want not? Bonus: I’m Hungry! […]