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Busta Plays Lotto


Didn’t notice that this new Busta song “I’m a Go and Get My…” features Mike Epps for a reason. Peace to the Philly God put me on. You seen too many movies!

{mp3}08 im a go and get my feat. mike epps prod. by dj scratch 1{/mp3}





Jim Jones Keeps Hope Alive

In interview cuatro in VIBE’s 60 Rappers in 60 Days series, Da Capo continues to tease us that he and Cam are gonna put the band back together.

Jones: We possess the hottest thing in hip hop that hasn’t happened yet, and everybody knows it. We damn near could be one of the reasons to make hip hop a lucrative thing again, and that being the Diplomats. If we put it back together.

VIBE: What are the chances of that? Because Cam’Ron is saying there’s no chance of that.

Jones: Well, there’s a 50 percent chance because I’m in. Smell me? And that’s a high percentile. Ya dig?

VIBE: Would Juelz be in?

Jones: Shit, we all in.

VIBE: Cam doesn’t seem to be in, and the reason he gave was that phone call.

Jones: I don’t care about that, I’m just telling you. You asked me a question and I’m telling you there’s a 50 percent possibility it can happen. Ya dig? Let’s keep it at that.

VIBE: I think a lot of people want that. Fans are used to breakups, but they love comebacks and reunions.

Jones: I love reunions.

YN thinks the world is one big 50/50 chance. Go hard or go home. No homo.

New Video: Beyonce “Ego”
Mrs. Carter and her single lady gal pals strut their stuff one mo’ time in her latest clip. It’s funny, how I’ve listened to his song and never paid attention to the erotic innuendo until now. Man fail.
Props: Rap Up
Pimp C Ethers Paul Cantor From The Grave

Well, sorta. In an unpublished FADER interview, Pimp C dissed the writer that reviewed his album Pimpalation in XXL. Turns out that scribe was RR affiliate Paul “Gooch” Cantor.

“This new thing I got (Pimpalation) probably be out by the time this thing go to press. It’s a compilation record. I just read a review on it and the dude was talkin about it was too many people on the album—you dumb motherfucker, don’t you know it’s a compilation record? You stupid motherfucker, you don’t get compilation from Pimpalation? C’mon, man. It was XXL, too, I’ll go on and tell you, I don’t have the dude’s name right in front of me but he’s an asshole, you know what I mean. He gave the record a large but the motherfucker was like ‘I’m a guest artist on my own record.’ And motherfucker it’s a comp…you dumb motherfucker, how dumb can you get, man? Where do they find these people? Back in the day the people reviewing the albums was really fans of the music.