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Kanye West Explains His Loop Dreams


“It’s always this looming thing that my first album was called College

Dropout that me and my mother always argued about. But it wasn’t called

the High School Dropout. I feel like high school is a necessity.

Anything that you have to pay for is your choice.”

Last night, Kanye had a homecoming, performin’ in the Chi at a benefit conference for his moms’ Dr. West’s foundation. In the above press conference clip, he talks about his plans for a program that will provide production equipment in high schools and, after the jump, the first 7 minutes of the concert.

Black Eyed Peas On The View

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This morning, the Peas chopped it up with Whoopi and Elisabeth on channel 7. After the jump, they perform “Boom Boom Pow” for a bunch of middle aged soccer moms.