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Red Cafe “Hottest In The Hood (Remix Pt. 2)” (NMC Tags)
dj envy and red

The future Bad Boy brings the second of three versions of his New York banger. This time around, you got Juelz Santana, Lloyd Banks, Diddy and Busta Rhymes passin’ the mic. And oh yeah, the woman on here (Lore’l) ain’t helpin’ the sad state of female rap.

Shout: Splash, who has all the versions currently available including instrumental. Make your own version! Ha.

{mp3}nmc hottest in the hood pt. 2{/mp3}

Confession: I like the first remix best with Ross’ “Dyn-o-mite” line. I’m a sucker for a Good Times reference. Peace Aqua.

JD Drowns In The Ocean


Janet’s boo is still jockin’ Jay-Z and has created the most bizarre supergroup in music history. I blame the man below for making me lose 5 minutes out of my precious life. Time to resurrect the memo: No more JD posts. No more music by the suckers.


B.Dot Edit: YN’s yellow bellied. This is dope!

Classic DJ Clue Mixtape Series

I don’t know about you, but I miss mixtapes. The real mixtapes, that were really CDs! Ah. Life before Drama. Ha! No shots. Shout-out to my solider O and the Canal Street and LES connects. We put that work in. And I got the 66 CD binders to prove it.

Gotty woke up this morning and got his digitize on. Here’s all of the DJ Clue Grand Theft Audio mixtape series.

Props Again: The Smoking Section

Hey, hit me if you got a mixtape request I might have to get my fingernails dirty again. Piracy Forever! For Promotional Use Only! Ha!