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New Music: Jaheim x Jadakiss “Ain’t Leaving Without You” (Remix)

I remember beggin’ Envy for this before Santa came down the chimney. SMH. Nevermind. Get your hard bottoms out. This that after work black folk Shark Bar shit. I see you dancing! Plays pretty much the same as the original with two lil’ J-to-tha-Mwah verses thrown on top. Insert ‘Kiss laugh which is slightly better than mines. Props: LowKey Via Splash

New Video: Juelz Santana Ft. Jim Jones x Tobb Cobain “Harlem Forever”

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4358433&w=425&h=350&] Had this in my inbox since late last night and didn’t notice. Oops. Here’s the visual to the Dips current street heat over Drake’s “Forever”. Damn, I’m gettin kind of tired. Sleepy. (You get it?) Ha. Props: Mikey Fresh

RR’s ’09 Worst Singles: #2 Ron Browz “Jumping Out The Window”

One of hip-hop’s prominent producers Ron “Pop Champagne” Browz tried his hand at rap early last year and spawned his second regional hit, “Jumping Out The Window”. In all its awful Auto-Tune glory, NY radio ate it up. Personally, it made me throw up. From the window to wall, thank God for Ron’s timely fall. Universal failure. Before: RR’s ’09 Worst Singles: #3 Busta Rhymes x T-Pain “Hustler’s Anthem ’09”

RR’s ’09 Best Albums: #2 Raekwon “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II”

It’s been a long time coming, but after 14 years Raekwon returned to the main stage with, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II. For starters, The Chef curbs our appetites with “House Of Flying Daggers”, “New Wu” and “Surgical Gloves”. He breaks bread with Beanie Sigel on “Have Mercy” and toasts to the fallen on “Ason Jones.” You rappers got fat while Rae starved. It’s his turn. Again. Before: RR’s ’09 Best Albums: #3 Kid Cudi Man On The Moon

New Music: Michael Jackson x Lenny Kravitz “Another Day”

Here’s a longer version of the big leak from yesterday that got the suits at Sony salty. Bonet’s ex told MTV it was an unfinished session but fuck it, it already sounds better than a lot of shit on the radio. Plus it’s MJ, bitches. R.I.P. King. Props: Hottest Ishh UPDATE: Apparently, this is a loop but still worth a listen until the Federalis take it down.