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YN Editorial: Hate Me Now

Dear Kelis, They hate you so much right now. The hip-hop community. If Solar is Satan, you’re the Wicked Witch Of Rap. Shit, you even had Just Blaze talkin’ crazy about you and he’s genuinely a nice guy. I’m gonna say this directly to you, what’s on the mind of most hip-hop heads: Why must you destroy our icon? The mighty Nasir Jones. You must like his pockets flat not fat. I don’t wanna be all up in your business […]

Parents Upset T.I. Spoke To Kids

Last month, T.I. visited Woodland Middle School in Henry County, GA . Unfortunately, not everyone was happy he was there. According to WSBTV, several parents are upset that the rapper was featured as a guest speaker. One of the parents wrote an email letter to the principal, Dr. Terry Oatts stating: “In the future, if T.I. or any other convicted felon needs to perform community service, ask for parental permission to allow our children to be exposed to these questionable […]