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Drake On Raising The Bar

Not since 50 Cent, has a new rap act had as much success as Drake. Let’s be honest, when was the last time a song off a mixtape peaked on the Top 100? During his Thank Me Later conference call last week, Drizzy spoke on the pressure of new acts following his footsteps.

Dame Dash To Resurrect Roc-A-Fella

[vodpod id=Video.3541925&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Dinstance%3Dnews%26amp%3Bvid%3D511811] Guess the chain still remains after all. Damon Dash tells 1515 that he plans to revive the label he co-founded and release Curren$y’s Pilot Talk through the company. Roc for life? “Def Jam or Universal bought the brand. I think the ‘beef’ [with us and Jay-Z] was that Jay made it clear he didn’t want me or Biggs to be a part of it. That’s really where it was at. Now that he doesn’t work for Def Jam anymore, […]

Cam’Ron & Jim Jones Talk Reunion Album

[vodpod id=Video.3541146&w=425&h=350&] The talk of the town this past weekend was Cam’Ron and Jim Jones’ reunion at the Converse Band of Ballers basketball tournament. From the sidelines, the Dipset founders speak to MTV about the highly anticipated Diplomatic Immunity 3 compilation. Cam confirmed they have started working on new material. “We working, everything is working,” he said. “Right now, we’re doing a couple of songs. We’re trying to get the business together. Right now we’re just doing music.”

Ice Cube Doesn’t Understand Radio

Ice Cube’s still tired of the ass kissing. For a majority of his career, the rapper has had rocky relationship with radio. In fact, he touches on the situation on his new single “I Rep That West“.  “All you West Coast DJ’s check your wrist, if you scared to add the big fish to your playlist.” With his ninth solo album I Am The West dropping July 13th, Cube tells Rap Radar that he’s still doesn’t know what it takes […]

Nas Explains His Beat Selection

[vodpod id=Video.3541036&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Dord%253D345%2526tile%253D%2526reportDartNValue%253D%2526reportDartSubValue%253D%2526reportDartZone%253D%2526reportPropSubSection%253DMediaHub%2526reportPropSeason%253D%2526reportPropPageName%253D] For most of Nas’ career, he’s been vilified for his beat selection. He tells BET that sometimes he’s merely a victim of circumstance. “Well I have a wish list sometimes or I have a dream list of who I would love to work with and wish they would want to get in the studio and do records or whatever,” Nas told “Then I have my own ideas of being a producer. And what happens is a lot of […]