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Update: Max B Found Guilty On Nine Counts

According to XXL, Biggavelli has rode his final wave:

“The Harlem rapper’s rep has confirmed with that a New Jersey judge has found him guilty. It is unclear how much time he was sentenced to.

Max, born Charly Wingate, was accused of being the mastermind behind

a $30,000 heist targeting two wealthy men. Reportedly Max conspired

with his step brother Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend Gina Conway,

who served as the prosecution’s secret weapon in the case against him.

She turned on Max, testifying against Max in return for a shorter jail


Hang ten, homie.

Update: Max’s lawyer, Gerald Sulatti Speaks On Verdict

{mp3}max b lawyer{/mp3} 

Mos Def’s New CD’s PSA

I just ripped the packaging off my Ecstatic CD (Can you say the same?) and although I’m salty there’s no sample clearances listed, I thought I’d share Dante’s message to the good folks who put their money where their mouth is.

“Peace. Thank you for spending money & most importantly your time to be here. Your choice is never taken for granted and always deeply appreciated. Our greatest hope is that the works are a continued source of inspiration and positive motivation to you and yours whoever you are and wherever you may be. We come together to express truth, joy, and pure soul and love power. Our aim is to be of the best service to ourselves & our neighbors throughout creation. May the one who has created the all guide us & grant us success in our efforts. We hope that this work is a benefit to all & remains so. Amen. Peace.
—the author & associates”

I remember when this guy was the Joe Budden of the underground. Rawkus was really a movement. Crazy. 

*YN listens now* I fucks with “Priority”.

Meth x Red Want In On Eminem Tour

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891269&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Guess a couple of guys are trying to holla at my Jewish partner:

“Hey, Eminem,” Method Man barked into our mic recently, giving a heads-up to Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards main act. “Fuck that. Yo, Paul! We’re on the tour, man!”

“Paul!” Redman chimed in, also addressing Em’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, directly. “Hey, Paul, we’re on the tour, baby!”

“You know my number,” Redman said to Rosenberg. “Yo, Eminem. Yo, Paul — we on the tour, man.” 

I didn’t even know there was a tour?! *YN adds call PR on his to-do list*