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Scott Storch Says Kim Kardashian Is The Best He Ever Had

In an article in the new Details magazine appropriately entitled “Tears of A Hip Hop Clown“, the super-producer who lost it all, brags about all the Hollywood hotties he bagged back in his heyday. After a bong hit, Storch loosens up a bit and the conversation turns to his sexual conquests. Tops among them? “Kim Kardashian—she was amazing,” he says. (She denies she and Storch had sex.) “Dude, she really is so fucking hot,” Linder affirms from the pool table. […]

Jay-Z’s Former Stash House

Funny, I looked up this address too when I heard “Empire State of Mind.” The folks at NYmag paid a visit to 560 State St. in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn. On the aforementioned track, Hov mentions the address as a former stash house. Apparently in ’96-’97, Jigga not only laid his hat, but his work, in Apt. 10B. According to lifelong residents, Jay was a respectful and cordial neighbor. Guess they were the soft ones. Heads Up: SRD

Behind The Scenes Of: Raekwon & Beanie Sigel’s “Have Mercy” Video

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3439694&w=425&h=350&fv=] “I felt it would be live to come to my man’s city being that he jumped on something for me and showed that love. It’s like why can’t I come and bring it back and bring it to his town.” Here’s a look at The Chef and Mack Mittens during the making of CL 2’s next visual which was fittingly shot in Illadelphia. Hey, has the Broad Street Bully turned himself in yet? The Double R wants to […]

Jay Electronica Gets Just Blaze To Play Hype Man

At a recent Ecstatic tour stop in New York, the mystery man of rap got his favorite producer to come out from behind the scenes. This amuses me: Maybe ’cause I know both these guys personally. Sorry I missed the show, Mr. Electronica. Stop threatening talk shows hosts. Jay on Jay crime. Ha! Prop Yourself: Megatron Don