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Asher Roth’s 2010 Plans

[vodpod id=Video.3101858&w=425&h=350&fv=playerID%3D27004030001%26amp%3Bdomain%3Dembed%26amp%3BvideoId%3D68000821001] Ash sits down with Clinton Sparks to reveal more details on his upcoming mixtape and album. Um, no mo’ talkin’, just drop some joints, son. *YN looks at watch* Ill Roots x KarmaLoop

The Making Of Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” (Full Episode)

[vodpod id=Video.3101455&w=425&h=350&] Looks like the clip we discovered last night has a home. 45 King’s great production was highlighted on a Swedish TV documentary. They even spoke to the composers behind “Annie”. Amazing stuff. Heads Up: Nation

Rihanna’s New Musical Direction

[vodpod id=Video.3101482&w=425&h=350&fv=configParams%3Dinstance%3Dnews%26amp%3Bvid%3D486277] Robyn’s already looking into the future. We experienced the raunchy darkside of Ri-Ri on Rated R, but during her recent stop in Korea, Ms. Fenty says she plans to be more energetic with a more pop edge on her next album. Ok, let’s get it poppin’. MTV